buy Blue And White Sailor Flats

Blue And White Sailor Flats

Blue And White Sailor Flats

Are you looking for the perfect pair of shoes for a cruise, sailing or a walk at the sea side?

How about these women’s flats made by Hot Chocolate.

The shoes have blue and white straps and some typical sailor details and like most Hot Chocolate shoes the have mismatch designs so each foot has it’s own design.

These Mary Jane flats have a cushioned foot bed and come in sizes 5 – 10.

Get your Blue And White Sailor Flats for $69.99

buy Toms Crochet Classic Shoes

Toms Crochet Classic Shoes

Toms Crochet Classic Shoes
Summer is the time of year you like to wear fun and comfortable shoes.

Toms are classics by now and this time we show you the Crochet style.

These women’s shoes have a Crochet look and feel as fabric and that means that you can see through them and your feet can breath in the summer sun.

These classic Morroco style shoes come in a whole bunch of colors from these black once to red but there is to much to choose from so click on the picture to see all the options.

And these women’s flats come in a wide range of sizes from 5 – 12 and yes half sizes are there to.

Get your Toms Crochet Classic Shoes for $34.41

buy Green Sneaker Style Flats

Green Sneaker Style Flats

Green Sneaker Style Flats
Are you looking for that fun pair of comfortable shoes for around town, school or work?

How about these shoes?

They are green and flat and have 3 laces going over it giving it the effect of open top sneakers. The laces and the color make these shoes fun and playful.

And these green flats come in sizes 4 – 8 and will be a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

Get your Green Sneaker Style Flats for $32.99

buy Juil Hera Earthing Sandals

Juil Hera Earthing Sandals

Earthing Flip flops
Sprint and Summer are those times of years that you toes want fresh air to and that is why you want some amazing flip flops.
Of  course you want some that you can wear all day long without making you tired.

These Hera sandals are perfect for the job with a comfortable footbed and a wide range of strap colors these shoes are just great.

And these flip flops are also earthing shoes and that makes them even better as you will be connected to the ground you can enjoy all the positive benefits from that to.

And these amazing women’s sandals are available in size 5 – 11 to give you the perfect fit.

Get your Juil Hera Earthing Sandals for $79.00 and Free Shipping.

buy Watermelon Flats

Watermelon Flats

Watermelon Flats
Is watermelon your fruit of choice?

If so then how about some fun shoes with a watermelon design.

These women’s flats have the watermelon design all over them. And each shoe is different. One foot shows more the outside of the water melon and that means it’s more green and the other shows the inside and that shoe is more red.

You can get these fun watermelon flats in women’s sizes 5 – 10 and they run a size large.

Get your Watermelon Flats for $69.99

buy Black Quilted Boots

Black Quilted Boots

Black Quilted Leather Boots
Fall and Winter are the times of year that you want some nice boots.

These faux leather boots are black and have a flat look on the front and the foot and the back the leather has a quilted stitch to give it a more playful look.

Boots like these are great for everyday wear or a special occasion.

The boots have some buckles to make it look even more fun and a big zipper on the side for easy getting in and out of these amazing black boots.

Get your Black Quilted Boots for $19.99

buy Bamboo Flip Flops

Bamboo Flip Flops

Bamboo Flip Flops
Why go for all plastic flip flops if you can get something more natural and fun.

These women’s flip flops have a bamboo foot bed witch makes it look fun with a colored trip and plastic sole.

You can get the trip in a whole range of colors, black, white, red, yellow, gold and more.
And these bamboo flip flops come in sizes 5 – 11 for the perfect fit.

Get your Bamboo Flip Flops for $3.99

buy COCO 39 Black Knee High Lace Up Boots

COCO 39 Black Knee High Lace Up Boots

Black knee high boots
Looking for some nice black knee high boots?

If so then these could be the pair you have bin waiting for.
These boots are made from faux leather and have a zipper on the side besides the laces on the front.

Black boot like this are very versatile they work with dresses, skirts but also with jeans.

You can get these Coco 39 boots in sizes 5 – 10 and prices may vary depending on size.

Get your COCO 39 Black Knee High Lace Up Boots for $29.99

buy Flowered Flip Flops

Flowered Flip Flops

Why have boring plain colored flip flops when you can have something fun.

These flip flops have a white footbed and that is covered in fun flowers in all kind of colors and shaped.

And on the picture you can see the black strap and black edge of this flip flop, you can change that.
It is available in pink, blue and orange to.

These flowery flip flops come in a wide range of sizes and if you want they even have kids sizes to.

Get your Flowered Flip Flops for $16.99