buy Kate Spade Hummingbird Earrings

Kate Spade Hummingbird Earrings

Now you can get these amazing looking Kate Spade Hummingbird Earrings that will look like little birds flying around your ears and that looks amazing.

The earrings are made by Kate Space New York and look like really detailed birds that even have sparkling stones. And these hummingbird earrings are made from 12k gold with enamel finish to bring in all the color.

These earrings come as a gift set making them great as a present for a friend or a present for yourself.

So if you like some more fun earrings that bring some colors and bird to your ears then this is what you should check out a bit closer so click on the picture to see them up close.

Get your Kate Spade Hummingbird Earrings for $62.00

buy Watermelon Earrings

Watermelon Earrings

Now you can be ready for summer all thanks to these Watermelon Earrings that are just so cute and fun.

Jewelry does not always have be formal and fancy because it can be fun and these earrings are just perfect for summer.

These are dangling earrings and on they are pieces of watermelon, not real ones so you can’t eat it but they looks really fun.

And if watermelon is not the summer treat you prefer then it is good to know that you can get all kind of fruits just click on the picture to see apple, pineapple, and lots more.

Get your Watermelon Earrings for $6.99

buy Double Waves Necklace Set

Double Waves Necklace Set

If you like waves then come check out this Double Waves Necklace Set.

This necklace set is made from stainless steel and comes in gold, rose gold, and silver colors.

This is not just one necklace but they are actually two separate necklaces. One of the necklaces a has a wave just part of the necklace and the other necklace has a round pendant with a wave inside it.

If you are a surfer or just loves the beach and sea then this could be the jewelry you want to own.

Get your Double Waves Necklace Set for $8.99

buy Cute Robot Necklace

Cute Robot Necklace

You can be wearing this Cute Robot Necklace.

If you like robots and need a cute piece of jewelry then this could be the perfect piece for you.

The necklace has a leather necklace with a robot pendant with cute little arms and legs.

If you like cute pendant necklace and tech then this robot necklace could be just perfect piece to have.

Get your Cute Robot Necklace for $9.99

buy Snowman Earrings

Snowman Earrings

This Christmas you can have something fun in your ears all thanks to these Snowman Earrings.

These snowman are created with Swarovski crystals which are used for the body of the snowman that can be dangling on your ears. And the cute snowmen have a black hat and red scarf to make them look even more adorable.

Earrings as fun as these deserve more than just Christmas time but as they are snowmen they are just perfect for the whole winter.

Get your Snowman Earrings for $18.99

Other Christmas things you may like:
buy Pineapple Ring

Pineapple Ring

If you like pineapples and jewelry then check out this silver Pineapple Ring.

As you can see the ring has a small band with a big pineapple all part of the ring.

You can get this pineapple ring in many sizes going from 4 all the way to 12.5 so that there is the perfect size for the finger of your choosing.

And this ring is made from 925 sterling silver.

I am sure that this special piece of jewelry will look great on you so why not just get one.

Get your Pineapple Ring for $29.00

buy Feather Earrings

Feather Earrings

Earrings are great way to show your personality and these Feather Earrings are just great for your ears.

Each earring has three feathers and each of them is hanging on a little chain.

You can get these earrings with different colored feathers so that it will fit your outfit perfectly.

These purple feathers are really nice but they come in black, red, yellow, pink, light and dark blue, and gray.

So if you like feathers hanging of your ears then these earrings could be a great addition to your jewelry collection.

Get your Feather Earrings for $7.66

buy Cable Ring

Cable Ring

Now there is this amazing looking Cable Ring.

Yes, this ring is not small and smooth but if you like a little bit more chunk on your finger then this ring could be it.

The ring comes in silver or a two tone with silver and gold and a bunch of ring sizes.

As you can see on the picture it looks like a normal ring with inside it what looks like cables and around it there are different rings and all that transforms it into something cool.

If you click on the picture you can see both versions and how they look on your hand.

Get your Cable Ring for $8.27

buy Big Pearls Necklace

Big Pearls Necklace

Now you can have a Big Pearls Necklace that will look great with a nice dress or maybe as part of you Halloween costume.

This looks like a pearl necklace but they are not real pears as they are pretty big balls as they have a 30mm diameter.

The necklace really looks nice and it is different as the pearls are so big but that makes it so cool.

Now you just need to find that perfect outfit that goes with this special costume jewelry.

Get your Big Pearls Necklace for $12.69

buy Star Necklace

Star Necklace

Now there is a Star Necklace that can show the world that you are a true star.

This is a silver necklace and it is made for you and is gift wrapped to make it into a great present too.

The necklace is a nice necklace with lots of little loops and then there is the 12mm star that really fits neat over the necklace so that the star really stands out a bit as it is not flat against your skin.

Now you always have a star with you so that always know that you are amazing and a superstar.

Get your Star Necklace for $40.00