buy Cat Eyes Sunglasses

Cat Eyes Sunglasses

If you like cats and need to be in the sun then you want to check out these cat eyes sunglasses.

The sunglasses have like fun shapes almost like they have ears and the frames come in many colors including just see through and even black and white and  animal prints and the lenses come in different colors too.

Eye wear like this is just way more fun then most sunglasses and I am sure that they will look great on your face.

If you like cats or not these glasses are something you want to check out as it comes in so many different options.

Get your Cat Eyes Sunglasses for $1.95

buy Faux Leather Cat Handbag

Faux Leather Cat Handbag

If you like cats and want an adorable handbag then you want to check out this faux leather cat handbag.

The bag has removable straps to make it versatile and so that you can wear it as a crossbody bag.

The cat bag is made from faux leather and looks like a cat face complete with pink ears and nose. And the bag is funny as the cat has paws and they connect with velcro to the eyes from the black cat and that makes it look like it is playing peek a boo.

So now you can show the world that you are a crazy cat lady by using his amazing handbag as your everyday bag.

Get your Faux Leather Cat Handbag for $69.95

buy Stretch US Flag Headband

Stretch US Flag Headband

If you want your hair to look perfect for the 4th of July or any other day of the year then you just need to get this US flag headband.

The stretch headband has a knot in the front which makes it look really cool and from the knot, one side is blue with white stars and the other side is red and white striped and together they look a lot like the Stars And Stripes flag of the USA.

Now your hair will be ready to party and I am sure you will love having this headband as it just looks amazing.

Get your Stretch US Flag Headband for $16.00

buy Oversized Square Sunglasses (come in many colors)

Oversized Square Sunglasses (come in many colors)

If you want some amazing looking shades for the summer then you should check out these oversized square sunglasses.

The sunglasses are available in a wide range of colors (click on the picture to see them all) so if you like black, blue, pink, brown, purple, gray, or a different color then that is a possibility.

The square sunglasses come with a nice case so that they keep protected when not in use and they are UV400 so they give you the sun protection you need.

Sure these glasses are different but that makes them so perfect for you so come check them out.

Get your Oversized Square Sunglasses (come in many colors) for $11.99

buy Silk Like Circuit Board Scarf

Silk Like Circuit Board Scarf

If you want a scarf that has options how to wear it then you found the scarf for you.

This scarf is 71 x 35 inches and is made from 100% polyester that feels like silk.

The design of the scarf looks like a circuit board and yes that makes it perfect for the women that are a bit geeky or just like tech stuff.

You can use this just a scarf but you have options as it is the perfect size so that you can use it as a wrap or maybe a belt just use your imagination and enjoy this circuit board scarf in many different ways.

Get your Silk Like Circuit Board Scarf for $26.99 and Free Shipping.

buy Sam Edelman Rio Handbag

Sam Edelman Rio Handbag

Sam Edelman made this amazing looking Rio handbag and it is one of those pieces you wish you owned so do wait too long before ordering one.

The handbag is available in black, light brown, and the yellow from the picture.

The bag is made from leather with a man-made trim and nice lining and it has a magnetic closing mechanism and one main pocket and a small zipper pocket.

And you can use this as a shoulder bag and it comes with a 23 inches long strap that is the same color as the bag.

Get your Sam Edelman Rio Handbag for $93.84

buy Small Fake Leather Shoulder Bag

Small Fake Leather Shoulder Bag

If you are looking for a stylish bag that works for formal and informal occasions then this bag is what you want.

This shoulder bag is not big and that is a plus as it just looks great when you carry it and it is available in black, light gray, and a light pink so that you can pick one that looks best with your outfit, and the bag is pretty cheap so maybe all 3 would be a great addition to your wardrobe.

The bags are made from fake leather so no animals were harmed to get your an amazing bag.

Get your Small Fake Leather Shoulder Bag for $6.63

buy Green Metallic Headband

Green Metallic Headband

This green metallic headband is just the perfect hair accessory for any day of the year but especially St Patrick’s Day.

The adjustable headband is a nice dark green and because it is metallic it will reflect the light around you making it look stunning in your hair.

And yes this maybe a women’s headband but it is great for men too if they dare to wear green in their hair on St Patrick’s Day.

Get your Green Metallic Headband for $15.95

buy Green Hobo Style Handbag

Green Hobo Style Handbag

If you want a green handbag then you found it and this bag would be amazing for St Patrick’s Day.

The hobo style bag is green and not just flat fabric, this bag has fringes and 3D sequins so it will sparkle and stand out which makes it perfect for when you like to party or need something green to hold your phone and wallet.

A handbag like this may not be perfect for a formal occasion but that makes it even more perfect for when you like to go party.

Get your Green Hobo Style Handbag for $6.99

buy Phone Handbag

Phone Handbag

If you want a cross body handbag that looks amazing then this phone handbag is what you want to take a look at.

The bag by Betsey Johnson is available in pink as on the picture but also in black and a striped version so that you can have a bag that fits your outfits best.

The handbag looks like a retro phone with the dial circle on the front and on top a phone horn that is decorated with rhinestones. And to make this bag even more special the made the horn to work with your phone, just plug it into the 3.5mm headphone jack and you can make you calls using the handset from your bag.

Get your Phone Handbag for $108.00 and Free Shipping.