buy Silky Toes Foldable Flats

Silky Toes Foldable Flats

Now you can have your own pair of Silky Toes Foldable Flats that are super handy as they fold down and come with a storage bag so that you can always have a pair with you.

These are ballet flats and having a pair is super handy as you can wear those uncomfortable shoes all day and then when you want you can just switch to these foldable shoes that you have in your bag.

And these fun ballet flats come in many colors of witch many are shiny and they are available in many sizes too.

Get your Silky Toes Foldable Flats for $9.99

buy Women’s Floral Slip-On Shoes (Available In Many Colors)

Women’s Floral Slip-On Shoes (Available In Many Colors)

Now there are some fun floral slip-on shoes that are just made for a summer walk.

These women’s shoes come in blue, orange, red, and yellow and just look fun and they come in women’s sizes 4.5 – 11.

The shoes have a leather upper and durable rubber sole that has the same color to fit the shoes design.

Now you just have to pick the perfect color shoes for your outfit and you will be enjoying this footwear a lot.

Get your Women’s Floral Slip-On Shoes (Available In Many Colors) for $19.99

buy Butterfly Design Marry Jane Flats

Butterfly Design Marry Jane Flats

If you want a pair of flat shoes that are comfy to wear and looks fun and cute then you have to check out these butterfly shoes.

These women’s shoes come in sizes 5 – 11 and are black and the inside is yellow. On the black mary jane flats, you can see a butterfly. One shoe just has a little butterfly on the nose while the other shoe has a close up of the butterfly making the shoes colorful and fun.

The adjustable strap on the top makes sure that the shoes made by Hot Chocolate stay in place and are comfy.

Get your Butterfly Design Marry Jane Flats for $59.49

buy Black Women’s Flats

Black Women’s Flats

These women’s shoes are ballet style flats with just a tiny heel for form.

Made by Nine West these shoes are pointy and black and have a shiny finish and all synthetic so no animals where hurt making them.

And you can get these women’s shoes in sizes ranging from 5 – 11 and it does come in half sizes to.

Just pick your size and wear these shoes with fun pants or a skirt and dress.

Get your Black Women’s Flats for $16.51

buy Ollie Women’s Canvas Flats

Ollie Women’s Canvas Flats

When the weather gets warmer you want to get rid of those winter boots and wear something more fun.

These canvas flats can quickly become your favorite pair of shoes this summer.

Ollio has these canvas shoes in many cool colors like green, black, white, blue, red, beige and yellow.

These shoes may remind you of Toms but only at a fraction of the cost and that means you can have multiple colors in your collection so that it always matches your favorite outfit.

You can get these canvas flats in women’s sizes 6 – 10 and some half sizes are available to.

Get your Ollie Women’s Canvas Flats for $18.99

buy Black Skull Mary Jane Shoes

Black Skull Mary Jane Shoes

If you want so fun looking black flat shoes then these Mary Janes could be just what you need.

The black shoes have two black straps with studs that is hold on the side by a chrome color buckle and on the top of the shoe you can see a white skull with red heads as eyes and a red bow on top of that the skull also has a mouth but it is a zipper so it suppose to be shut.

The women’s skull shoes are made from black PU and have a rubber sole and heel. You can get these shoes in women’s sizes 4 – 11 and they come in half sizes to.

Get your Black Skull Mary Jane Shoes for $75.00

buy Women’s Red Crochet Flats

Women’s Red Crochet Flats

Women's Bright Red Crochet Flats

Summer is a great time of year to wear fun bright shoes like these women’s Keds.

These flats are bright red and have a crochet fabric design with a fun lace on the top. It has a manmade sole with a white edge making them perfect for strolling through town and relaxing in the sun.

These flats come in women’s sizes 6 – 11 with many half sizes to.

If you want some cute shoes with color for under that dress, skirts or shorts then these red shoes could be the pair you have been looking for.

Get your Women’s Red Crochet Flats for $49.99

buy Lace up Black And White Women’s Oxford Shoes

Lace up Black And White Women’s Oxford Shoes

Lace up Black And White Women's Oxford Shoes

Are you looking for some cute and comfortable shoes that are easy to match with many outfits then these could be the perfect pair for you.

These women’s shows are low and flat and have a classic Oxford design. We show you the white and black model but it also comes in white and brown, all black or even white and pink.

And these shoes are completely made from manmade materials so you know that no animal got hurt to make these shoes.

Jeans, dress, skirt of shorts they all could be matched with these shoes.

And these flat Oxfords comes in sizes 5 -10 to get the perfect fit.

Get your Lace up Black And White Women’s Oxford Shoes for $17.99

buy Fold Over Women’s Flat Shoes

Fold Over Women’s Flat Shoes

Fold Over Women's Flat Shoes

Heels maybe perfect to make you look tall but comfort is sometimes more important.

But how about some flat shoes that are comfortable and look great.

These ballet flat style shoes come in a range of colors like green, blue, navy, beige, brown, black and red and all have the same design as the green shoes on the picture.

The nose looks like fabric is folded over it from different angles leaving some creases witch now makes the shoes look great.

Made from a faux suede these women’s shoes are great for a whole day of standing on your feet.

And you can get these women’s shoes in sizes 5.5 – 10.

Get your Fold Over Women’s Flat Shoes for $16.99

buy Women’s Silver Flat Shoes

Women’s Silver Flat Shoes

Women's Silver Flat Shoes

Why go for plain colored shoes when you can make them stand out?

These women’s flats will stand out as they are a soft silver color. And these maybe silver but they are still leather.

Just imagine these fun shoes with a pair of jeans or cutoff shorts that would just look amazing.

And you can get these flats in sizes 6 -10.5 (and yes they come in half sizes to).

Bring some shiny glitter in your life with silver shoes like these.

Get your Women’s Silver Flat Shoes for $52.99 and Free Shipping.