buy Lotus Earrings

Lotus Earrings

Now you can have these Lotus Earrings in your ears.

These earrings are different as the front of the ear only shows a little bar while the lotus flower comes from behind the earlobe.

And as it is hard to choose between silver and gold color jewelry they help you by getting you both and they come in a gift box.

Now you can have lotus flowers hanging from your ears in a way that people will admire as it looks so cool.

Get your Lotus Earrings for $6.47

buy Silver Owl Earrings

Silver Owl Earrings

If you like fun earrings then you have to check out these fun silver owl earrings.

The 925 sterling silver earrings come with a nice gift box and that makes them a nice present.

The studded earrings are shaped like an little owl and is covered in shiny stone and the bird has some big black eyes that really are staring into the world.

The owl jewelry is 0.43 inch long making them just nice and small so that they fit with almost any outfit.

Get your Silver Owl Earrings for $19.31

buy Gold Color Loop Earrings

Gold Color Loop Earrings

This is a good time to bring come gold in your ears because now there are gold color loop earrings.

The earrings are made from stainless steel and have a gold finish.

The earrings have a small loop with the pins for the holes in your ears and connected to the small loop is a bigger loop that will be dangling below you ears.

Nice earrings like these are great to get yourself but do make for a nice present too if you like to surprise a special someone in your life.

Get your Gold Color Loop Earrings for $6.98

buy Christmas Red Nosed Reindeer Earrings

Christmas Red Nosed Reindeer Earrings

If you want earrings for your Christmas outfit then this is what you want reindeer earrings.

The earrings are silver in color and you can see antlers and ears and a big gemstone in the middle. On the picture, it shows the red gemstone as that will remind us of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer but it is available in different colors too.

And this Christmas jewelry is not expensive and that makes it just a fun accessory to your already amazing Christmas outfit. From an ugly Christmas sweater to a sexy cocktail dress these Christmas earrings are just perfect.

Get your Christmas Red Nosed Reindeer Earrings for $2.79

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buy Candy Cane Cookie Cutter Christmas Earrings

Candy Cane Cookie Cutter Christmas Earrings

With a fun Christmas outfit, you will need some Christmas earrings and what better than earrings with candy canes on them.

These Christmas earrings have upside down candy canes on them and they look like cookie cutters and that makes them even more perfect if you are baking cookies.

Besides the candy canes, there are some red and green crystals to make it even more festive and fun.

The french hooks make them easy to wear and they will dangle and look fun all day long.

Get your Candy Cane Cookie Cutter Christmas Earrings for $8.99

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buy Banana Earrings

Banana Earrings

If you like the yellow banana then why not hang some in your ears.

These fun earrings have little mini banana’s hanging on them and a silver colored hook. With a banana in each ear, you already have you two servings of fruit.

It’s just fun to have something as cute as a banana dangling in your ear and I am sure you can make it fit with a fun outfit.

Jewelry does not have to be bling as bananas are cuter than diamonds.

Get your Banana Earrings for $12.99

buy Red Coral Teardrop Earrings

Red Coral Teardrop Earrings

Of course you ears deserve some nice jewelry and these red coral earrings could be just what your ears need.

These women’s earrings have a teardrop design and the earrings are made from .925 silver with a red coral stone. A pair of earrings like these just make the outfit you are wearing to that special occasion.

Dangle earrings like this just will look stunning on you and that is why you should take a closer look to admire them.

Get your Red Coral Teardrop Earrings for $29.99 and Free Shipping.

buy Holiday Earrings Set

Holiday Earrings Set

If you want enough earrings to get your through the holidays then this earrings set could be perfect for you.

This set includes 4 sets of earrings all themed for Christmas and the winter.

You will find Christmas trees, mittens, candy cane and snowflakes so 4 different ways of decorating your ears and you could even mix and match to make it look a bit more interesting.

Get your Holiday Earrings Set for $8.95 and Free Shipping.

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buy Pointing Arrow Earrings

Pointing Arrow Earrings

Pointing Arrow Earrings

If you want earrings that are fun and different then these will point your in the right direction.

These earrings are like 3 arrows and the tip points to you ear and that is where you connect them.

Maybe these are the earrings a fan of Daryl from The Walking Dead would wear or just anyone that just like bows and arrows.

Dress up you ears with something new and arrows could be your thing.

Get your Pointing Arrow Earrings for $14.99

buy Star Shaped Stars And Stripes Earrings

Star Shaped Stars And Stripes Earrings

Star Shaped Stars And Stripes Earrings

Now you ears can show the world what country in the world you are proud of.

These dangle earrings are star shaped and had red and white stripes and a blue part with stars just like the American flag and besides all that there are many shiny rhinestones to make it look even better.

With earrings like this any patriotic holiday like the 4th of July will be so much better because you ears are part of the celebrations.

Get your Star Shaped Stars And Stripes Earrings for $8.99 and Free Shipping.