buy Women’s Mermaid Costume And Swimsuit

Women’s Mermaid Costume And Swimsuit

Women's Mermaid Costume And Swimsuit

Now you can be a mermaid for Halloween and when you go swimming too as this is a women’s mermaid costume and swimsuit.

The one piece bodysuit is shows fish scales on most of the fabric but the bra cups look pruple and like shells and the straps are the same color. You can pick a body color so that you can be a green, pink, or yellow mermaid.

Sure the mermaid costume keeps your legs out but don’t forget that Ariel got legs too in the movie.

Swimming or dressing up this mermaid outfit is amazing and has a sparkle to it too.

Now you just have to pick a color and a women’s size Small, Medium, or Large and you are ready to become a true memraid of the sea.

Get your Women’s Mermaid Costume And Swimsuit for $29.89

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