buy Women’s Halloween Voodoo Doll Costume

Women’s Halloween Voodoo Doll Costume

If you like to be pinched by needles then you should check out this women’s Halloween voodoo doll costume.

The costume does not include needles so you should be safe.

By wearing this costume you will be transformed into a real looking voodoo doll.

It includes a dress that looks like it is made from burlap with patches on it and one of them is a red heart. There is also a wig, glasses, and shocker included so that you basically look like the picture.

You can get this voodoo costume in women’s sizes Small – XL and is available in kids sizes too so you can be a voodoo with a little voodoo this Halloween if you want.

Get your Women’s Halloween Voodoo Doll Costume for $54.99

buy Patrick Star Dress Costume

Patrick Star Dress Costume

Now you can be a Spongebob charater thanks to this women’s Patrick Star dress costume.

This is fun and kinda sexy costume for Halloween.

The costume includes a short dress with a top that is the skin color of Patrick Star with his happy face on the front and just some straps to keep it up. The skirt part is green with purple spots and it has a shiny look. And then there are some knee socks and gloves in the color of Patricks skin to make you look even more like the famous starfish.

You can get this fun Halloween dress in women’s sizes XSmall – Large.

Get your Patrick Star Dress Costume for $43.01 and Free Shipping.

buy Women’s Skeleton And Roses Costume

Women’s Skeleton And Roses Costume

If you want to dress up like a skeleton this Halloween then you should check out this women’s skeleton and roses costume.

The women’s costume is a one piece romper costume with longs sleeves so that it covers everything except your head, hands, and feet. You can get the costume in women’s sizes Small – XL and the breathable costume has a zipper on the back.

The whole romper jumpsuit is covered in an image of a skeleton and to give it all some color they added red roses too it and that makes it really unique and something that could look stunning on you the next time you like to dress up.

Get your Women’s Skeleton And Roses Costume for $15.76

buy Sexy Witch Costume

Sexy Witch Costume

If you always wanted to be a witch then now you can thanks to this sexy witch costume that is perfect for Halloween.

The women’s costume includes a nice dress that keeps the shoulder bare and has a corset style body with the Playboy logo on the side and a short ruffly skirt part that is pretty short. And the costume comes with nice stocking and of course a pointy witch hat.

The costume by itself is pretty sexy and the Playboy logo add to the look.

You can get the witch costume in women’s sizes XSmall – Large for the perfect fit for you.

Get your Sexy Witch Costume for $29.28

buy Women’s Mermaid Costume And Swimsuit

Women’s Mermaid Costume And Swimsuit

Now you can be a mermaid for Halloween and when you go swimming too as this is a women’s mermaid costume and swimsuit.

The one piece bodysuit is shows fish scales on most of the fabric but the bra cups look pruple and like shells and the straps are the same color. You can pick a body color so that you can be a green, pink, or yellow mermaid.

Sure the mermaid costume keeps your legs out but don’t forget that Ariel got legs too in the movie.

Swimming or dressing up this mermaid outfit is amazing and has a sparkle to it too.

Now you just have to pick a color and a women’s size Small, Medium, or Large and you are ready to become a true memraid of the sea.

Get your Women’s Mermaid Costume And Swimsuit for $29.89

buy Women’s SpongeBob Halloween Costume Dress

Women’s SpongeBob Halloween Costume Dress

Now there is a fun women’s SpongeBob Halloween costume dress that makes you look like a real fun SpongeBob.

This SpongeBob costume includes the dress and socks and then you are just like a fun and female version of SpongeBob.

The dress has a brown skirt part just like the pants SpongeBob wear and then there is a yellow top that is sleeveless and has a fun white collar and a sequin red tie. The knee high socks are white and have red and blue stripes with a bow on it.

You can get this fun SpongeBob costume in sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

Get your Women’s SpongeBob Halloween Costume Dress for $49.99

buy Women’s Hooters Costume For Halloween

Women’s Hooters Costume For Halloween

If you want a fun costume and kinda sexy costume for Halloween then check out this women’s Hooters costume.

The costume is an officially licensed costume so that should mean that you will look just like the waitresses at Hooters.

The women’s costume includes a white tank top with an owl on it and the word “Hooters” and then there are oranger shorts that also have the same company name on it.

Hooters is famous for the sexy girls and by wearing it people will look at you a little bit different.

You can get this women’s costume in sizes Small – 2XL and it is made from 90% cotton and 10% spandex.

Get your Women’s Hooters Costume For Halloween for $39.95

buy Sexy Women’s Penguin Costume

Sexy Women’s Penguin Costume

If you want to be a sexy bird this Halloween then you should check out this sexy women’s penguin costume.

The costume is mainly black and white just like a real penguin.

The costume includes black and white leggings, bra top, choker, gloves, and a penguin faced hood.

So now you just need some shoes and you are ready for the Halloween party and be the sexy bird you want to be.

The women’s penguin costume comes in different sizes too for the fit you want. And even after Halloween, you can probably use items to wear any day of the week.

Get your Sexy Women’s Penguin Costume for $39.99

buy Women’s Bodysuit Supergirl Costume

Women’s Bodysuit Supergirl Costume

This Halloween you can choose to look sexy and like a superhero.

This costume will make you into a super sexy Supergirl.

The costume includes a bodysuit and a red cape. The fitting bodysuit is available in 3 women’s sizes and is dark blue with dark red details on the body and of course a big logo as used by Supergirl and Superman and the bodysuit has spaghetti straps to show of those shoulders.

A costume like this maybe too sexy for many Halloween party but it is easy to combine with some cool pants or even a fun skirt.

Get your Women’s Bodysuit Supergirl Costume for $39.99

buy Sexy Ladybug Bodysuit Costume

Sexy Ladybug Bodysuit Costume

If you want a sexy Halloween costume then come check out this ladybug bodysuit costume.

The costume is a form fitting bodysuit almost like a zentai costume and the bodysuit is red with black dots just like a ladybug and it even covers your hands and feet. Besides the bodysuit, it also includes a mask and even a belt with a pouch so that you are all set for Halloween.

The ladybug costume is available in women’s sizes Small – 2XL.

I am sure that a nice Halloween costume like this will get some attention and as it looks amazing on you it would just be perfect.

Get your Sexy Ladybug Bodysuit Costume for $25.29