buy Sneaker Style Maxstar 777 Heels

Sneaker Style Maxstar 777 Heels

sneaker style heels

Want some heels but like the look and feel of sneakers better?

How about a shoe that has both.

These Maxstar 777 shoes are wedge heels that look like a sneaker.

And the picture shows the black version but if you click on it you can see it in red, pink, green and white to.

And these fun women’s shoes come in sizes 5 – 10 and are just great to wear. And the back of the shoe has a zipper so that it is easier to put them on.

Get your Sneaker Style Maxstar 777 Heels for $41.98

buy Red Plaid Sneakers

Red Plaid Sneakers

red girls sneakers

Looking for a fun and cute sneaker style shoe that will be your favorite this summer?

How about this shoe with a red plaid design.

Just lace up and you are good to go. And these fun red shoes go with so many outfits. Jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses will all look good when wearing these red plaid shoes.

And yes these women’s sneakers come in a wide range of sizes.

Get your Red Plaid Sneakers for $13.65

buy Knee High Sneaker Boots

Knee High Sneaker Boots

Knee High Sneaker Boots

Is it one of those days that you can choose between you comfy sneakers or you knee high boots?

Then just don’t choose go with these fun sneaker boots. The look like sneakers but are knee high and all laced up to.

Boots like these are great with shorts in summer and perfect with leggings and a skirt in winter.

We shown you the black boots with red laces but these sneaker boots come in different colors and designs and even different colored laces. And these fun boots come in women’s sizes 5 – 11.

Get your Knee High Sneaker Boots for $17.71