buy Classic Black Dress

Classic Black Dress

Classic Black Dress

Looking for a nice dress you can wear for work, formal occasions or just fun?

This black dress is good for all those things. I has a classic look and the white sleeve ends and collar give it a special look you desire.

Just imagine the options by adding some jewellery or a little belt you can make this dress look completely different.

Get your Classic Black Dress for $39.99 and Free Shipping.

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buy Hearts Flip Flops

Hearts Flip Flops

Love is in the air and that means lots of red hearts flying around.

And now you can have fun flip flops covered with red hearts.
These flip flops have a white footbed that is covered with red hearts in all kind of sizes.

These hearts flip flops are great for yourself or as gift for that special someone on a special day like for instance valentine’s day.

You can get these flip flops in a wide range of sizes for men, women and even kids.

Get your Hearts Flip Flops for $16.99

buy Biting Shark Earrings

Biting Shark Earrings

Biting Shark Earrings

If sharks are you kind of animal then you are gone love these earrings.

These earrings look like little sharks and they have their mouth open. And when you wear the shark earrings it looks like you have a biting shark hanging on your ear.

It’s a fun earring to wear socially and I am sure that people are gone do a double take when they notice them in your ears.

Get your Biting Shark Earrings for $7.00 and Free Shipping.

buy Pink Bow Tie Belt

Pink Bow Tie Belt

pink skinny belt

Belts are great to bring some fun and color in to clothes. Change the belt and you have a complete new outfit.

This pink belt is one of those super cute belts that will work with so many outfits.

The belt is pink and has a bow tie buckle to add a fun accents to your outfit.

Click on the picture of the belt for more photo’s and to see how it would look on you.

Get your Pink Bow Tie Belt for $4.44 and Free Shipping.

buy Double Layered Pleated Skirt

Double Layered Pleated Skirt

grey Double Layered Pleated Skirt

Looking for a skirt for the slightly cooler days that looks professional and would be great for work or other formal functions.

How about this skirt that comes in black or grey in a wide range of sizes.

It’s a pleated skirt that looks like it has two layers making it more playful but still formal.

This pleated skirt will come just above the knee and would look great with some tights and a cute shirt.

Get your Double Layered Pleated Skirt for $12.79

buy Tommy Hilfiger Jakline Flats

Tommy Hilfiger Jakline Flats

Some nice flats would fit in any women’s shoes collection and these Tommy Hilfiger shoes would be a perfect addition to your collection.

These Jakline flats come in two colors dark blue or brown.

The Tommy Hilfiger shoes have a fabric top with a faux leather nose and the fabric has thin brown or blue lines on them and then close to the white or blue nose it says “Hilfiger” on the shoe.

You can get these Jakline flats in sizes 6 to 10.

Get your Tommy Hilfiger Jakline Flats for $34.99

buy Leopard Print Belt

Leopard Print Belt

Golden Hearts Leopard Print Belt

A nice and thing belt with a leopard print design on it and two golden hearts as the belt buckle that closes it all.

The animal print makes it great to wear this faux leather belt with almost anything.

You can adjust the size of this leopard print belt between 53 and 94 cm and it is about 1.2 cm high.

Get your Leopard Print Belt for $23.99 and Free Shipping.

buy Neon Green Personal Flip Flops

Neon Green Personal Flip Flops

Neon green monogram flip flops

Now you can have the flip flops that belong to you.

This footwear has a neon green color with black straps but there is more.
On the footbed of these green flip flops you can find your name.

On the example picture above you can see how it says “Closetrefill” but when you order them it will have the name you choose.

So no one is gone wear you flip flops again when you personalize them for you.

Get your Neon Green Personal Flip Flops for $34.95