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Black Floppy Felt Hat

Black Floppy Felt Hat

Looking for the perfect black hat for that walk around town of enjoying an drink at an outdoor patio?

How about a black hat like this one?

This is a black floppy felt hat with a ribbon on top to give it a bit of a break of the hat design.

A hat like this is easy to combine with many outfits and that makes it the perfect hat to have in your closet.

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Red Floppy Felt Hat

women's red felt floppy hat

No matter what time of year it is this red felt hat is perfect.

Casual or formal you can match this red floppy hat with almost anything. Just imagine how it would look with a nice black dress or just with jeans and a t-shirt.

This red floppy felt dress should be part of every women’s hat collection.

A stroll to the park or a summer wedding just  imagine all the occasions this hat would be perfect for.

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Grey Floppy Felt Hat

Grey Floppy Felt Hat

If you are looking for a nice hat then how about a floppy felt hat?

Just like the model above you can wear this grey felt hat.

The floppy edge has a fun strap on it to give it a little differentiator of the basic shape and that add a bit more spice to the design.

This women’s hat is made from polyester and would be a great addition to your wardrobe. Just imagine wearing this hat on a walk through the park, it would just be perfect.

Get your Grey Floppy Felt Hat for $29.95