buy Women’s Jeans Bikini Set

Women’s Jeans Bikini Set

If you really like jeans and wear them almost all the time then you should check out this jeans bikini set.

The bikini set kinda looks like you cut your jeans up and made it into this amazing looking swimsuit.

And as it looks like you cut your denim jeans to make the swimsuit you can see a lot of tasselsĀ on the edges and that adds to the design. The swimsuit will look pretty sexy on you and as it comes in sizes Small, Medium, and Large you can get one that fits your body perfectly.

Get your Women’s Jeans Bikini Set for $15.88 and Free Shipping.

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Denim Dungaree Overall Shorts

These women’s shorts are for the hot summer days you want to look fun and casual.

These are overall shorts so they do cover the front and they are hold in place with two adjustable straps. On the front you can also find a cute red heart and there are pockets all over from the bib on the front till the shorts it self so lost of places for things like you phone and you hands.

You can get these fun denim dungaree shorts in women’s sizes 6 – 12 and I am sure that they will look great on you.

Get your Denim Dungaree Overall Shorts for $35.00