buy Sexy Santa Babe Costume

Sexy Santa Babe Costume

women's Santa Clause costume

Why does Santa have to be a guy?

Women would look so much better as Santa and this sexy Santa Claus costume is the prove and you can get it and wear it to your Christmas parties.

The costume includes a red strapless dress that has white furry edges on the top and bottom and then there is a red shrug with 3/4 length sleeves and a belt and of course a Santa hat.

Christmas will be so much better if we know it is in the hands of a female Santa so I think it’s time to dress up.

Get your Sexy Santa Babe Costume for $28.99

buy Crazy Cat Lady Christmas Sweater

Crazy Cat Lady Christmas Sweater

If you like cats and are looking for an ugly but cute Christmas sweater then you found it.

This ugly Christmas sweater is a long sleeve shirt with on that a V-Neck sweater and that makes it look like you are wearing a white shirt under it with red snowflakes.

The green Christmas sweater has many Christmas details like a tree, gingerbread house even a bunch of snowmen but besides that there are a whole lot of cats all over this sweaters rows of cats sitting lying around just to be comfortable this Christmas holiday.

Get your Crazy Cat Lady Christmas Sweater for $20.93 and Free Shipping.

buy Pink And Black Holiday Leggings

Pink And Black Holiday Leggings

Christmas sweater part of holiday traditions but how about some fun holiday leggings?

There is this pair of pink and black leggings that would just be perfect with a fun Christmas sweater or to make any other piece of outfit holiday ready.

These leggings have big bands of colors (pink and black) and on that yo can find all kind of typical Christmas things. There are trees and big stars and all that makes you legs colorful and festive.

And you can get these fun Christmas leggings in women’s sizes XSmall – XLarge.

Get your Pink And Black Holiday Leggings for $34.95

buy Gingerbread Nightmare Christmas Sweater

Gingerbread Nightmare Christmas Sweater

Women's Gingerbread Nightmare Christmas Sweater

If you are a gingerbread man then you gone say this is an ugly Christmas sweater and if you are not then you may even like this sweater.

This green women’s sweater has white lines on the bottom and top and on the ends of the sleeves. And then there is the big picture on the front. You can see 3 gingerbread men all dressed and ready for Christmas but I don’t think they realized that they where left for Santa. And so on the top there is the hand and arm of Santa while he tries to eat one of those yummy looking gingerbread cookies.

This women’s Christmas sweater comes in sizes XSmall – 2XL and all are perfect for any holiday occasion.

Get your Gingerbread Nightmare Christmas Sweater for $64.95

buy Santa Costume Sweater Dress

Santa Costume Sweater Dress

Santa Christmas Costume Sweater Dress

How would Santa Claus look if he was a women?

Just look at this Christmas sweater dress and you know.

This 100% acrylic dress is Santa red with white edges and a fake black belt that goes all around the dress.

Going to a Christmas party will be so much fun when you have a dress like this to wear.

And this Santa Sweater dress comes in sizes XSmall – XXL so that you can get the perfect size for you body.

Get your Santa Costume Sweater Dress for $64.95

buy Women’s Green Reindeer Christmas Sweater

Women’s Green Reindeer Christmas Sweater

Women's Green Reindeer and Snowflakes Christmas Sweater

Christmas sweaters don’t have to be ugly.

Just look at this green sweater that has snowflakes and reindeer and is just cute. Women from all ages can enjoy this fun sweater and yes you can wear it to any Christmas party but also just to be festive the rest of the time.

And besides green you can also get this Christmas sweater in blue. And this green sweater comes in many sizes so that many women can enjoy them in the right size.

Get your Women’s Green Reindeer Christmas Sweater for $19.99

buy Sequin Bow Christmas Sweater

Sequin Bow Christmas Sweater

Green Sequin Bow Christmas Sweater

OK it’s an ugly Christmas sweater you want.

How about this green one?

The sweater is green and has many white and red Christmas sweater details but that is not all.

On the front you can find a big red sequin bow to make this sweater not just ugly, it will also sparkle.

And you are in luck because this Christmas sweater comes in sizes Small – XL and all will be the same kind of Christmas ugly.

Get your Sequin Bow Christmas Sweater for $29.99

buy Women’s Yellow Snow Ugly Christmas Sweater

Women’s Yellow Snow Ugly Christmas Sweater

Women's Yellow Snow Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you are looking for a ugly Christmas sweater then this sweater will turn things ugly really quickly.

We all know not to eat yellow snow but did you know that Santa makes yellow snow?

This women’s ugly Christmas sweater shows a snow landscape around a dark knight and this scene continues on the back of the sweater. But on the front you can also see that Santa needs to pee…. so yes there is a lot of yellow snow but at least he wrote “Merry Christmas” with it.

This fun sweater is available in sizes XSmall – 2XL so that many women can wear it for Christmas.

Get your Women’s Yellow Snow Ugly Christmas Sweater for $64.95

buy Red Christmas Decorations Leggings

Red Christmas Decorations Leggings

Red Christmas leggings

What to wear under that ugly Christmas sweater or dress?

How about a pair of Christmas leggings?

These red leggings would be perfect for the holidays and a hit at all the parties.

As said the leggings are red and they are covered in typical Christmas things like presents, a tree candy canes and much more. Get your legs into the spirit of Christmas by simply putting on these fun leggings.

And these junior sized leggings are available in sizes Small – 2XL.

Get your Red Christmas Decorations Leggings for $22.95

buy Red Merry Christmas Leggings

Red Merry Christmas Leggings

Red Merry Christmas Leggings

How do you dress in style for a fun Christmas party?

How about in these Merry Christmas leggings?

They are red and on top there is a garland with Christmas decorations and then over the red legs you can see purple balloons that says Merry Christmas and have Santa Claus hanging under them like he is flying around.

These leggings are fun and stretch so that many women can enjoy them.

Get ready for your Christmas party by shopping for some fun leggings.

Get your Red Merry Christmas Leggings for $13.99 and Free Shipping.