buy Shamrock Leggings

Shamrock Leggings

If you want something fun to wear on St Patrick’s Day then you should check out these shamrock leggings.

The leggings have a dark green background color (also available in black) and on it you can see the outlines of many shamrocks in different sizes and all in a brighter green then the background so that they stand out nicely.

You can get these St Patrick’s Day leggings in women’s sizes XSmall – 2XL (0 – 16) and will be one of those leggings you just want to keep wearing even after St Patrick’s Day and clovers are something that looks fun all year long so just keep wearing these comfy leggings.

Get your Shamrock Leggings for $59.95

buy Gold Color Loop Earrings

Gold Color Loop Earrings

This is a good time to bring come gold in your ears because now there are gold color loop earrings.

The earrings are made from stainless steel and have a gold finish.

The earrings have a small loop with the pins for the holes in your ears and connected to the small loop is a bigger loop that will be dangling below you ears.

Nice earrings like these are great to get yourself but do make for a nice present too if you like to surprise a special someone in your life.

Get your Gold Color Loop Earrings for $6.98

buy US Flag Bikini Set

US Flag Bikini Set

If you like to show you love for the USA while being at the beach or pool then you just need this US flag bikini set.

The women’s bikini has blue edges and straps which really make this swimwear look extra fun. The bikini bottoms have red and white stripes and the bikini top has the same stripes but also the blue square with the white stars just like on the US stars and stripes flag. And the flag really look cool especially because the front goes up all the way to you neck.

You can get this US flag bikini set in women’s junior sizes Small – XL and it is made from nylon and spandex.

Get your US Flag Bikini Set for $29.98

buy Women’s NASA Bomber Jacket

Women’s NASA Bomber Jacket

If you are a woman that likes space and space travel then now there is a NASA bomber jacket made for you.

The black bomber jacket has the NASA Logo on the front and that one is not to big but on the back you can find a giant NASA logo.

So when you wear this cool jacket people will know that you like things related to space.

The NASA jacket is available in a bunch of sizes for the perfect fit and has some pockets for you to use and it is an officially licensed jacket so maybe by wearing it NASA will see you and send you to space.

Get your Women’s NASA Bomber Jacket for $49.99

buy Puma Tazon 6 Crosstrainer Shoes

Puma Tazon 6 Crosstrainer Shoes

If you are looking for the perfect new shoes for a nice workout then you should be checking out these Puma Tazon 6 crosstrainer shoes.

Take a run outside or a workout class inside these women’s Puma sneakers are perfect for you.

And we did show you a black and pink version of these sneaker but they are available in many other cool colors too and most have a black or white base color.

You can get these Puma shoes in women’s sizes 5.5 – 11 so that it will fit your feet perfectly.

Get your Puma Tazon 6 Crosstrainer Shoes for $49.95

buy Golden Stars Socks

Golden Stars Socks

If you are a star with cold socks then you have to check out these golden stars socks.

These socks are have black toes and a heel and besides that is white and it is covered in many golden stars in different sizes.

The socks are available in women’s sizes 5 -14 and works on men too.

Your new socks are made from 78% polyester, 20% cotton, 2% spandex and the toes and heel are made from 100% cotton.

So now you can just put on your socks and even feel more like a star and socks like these are also festive so that it would work perfect for a holiday like Christmas or New Year too.

Get your Golden Stars Socks for $23.17

buy School Of Whales Dress

School Of Whales Dress

If you are looking for an amazing looking dress then you have to check out this school of whales dress.

The dress is and a-line style dress and has a dark blue color and on that you can find a whole bunch of whales in different colors just swimming around on both the front and the back.

And this sleeveless dress is available in women’s sizes XSmall – 2XL and is made from 97% Polyester and 3% Elastane and feels like silk on your body.

The dress is short and flaring and that makes it just perfect for summer but works great any time of the year.

Get your School Of Whales Dress for $60.00

buy Pink Ripped Leggings

Pink Ripped Leggings

If you would like some fun pink leggings then these leggings are what you need.

These leggings have rips on the front all neatly on top of each other showing of much of your skin and that makes these pink leggings just fun to wear.

Your bright pink leggings are made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex so that they have a nice stretch and that makes them fit just right.

And a pink pair of leggings like this is just fun to combine with your outfits and they are cheap to so there is very little reason why they are not in your wardrobe.

Get your Pink Ripped Leggings for $0.99

buy Women’s Leather Sneakers

Women’s Leather Sneakers

If you want some cool leather sneakers that are not made for a workout but are perfect for everyday wear.

The women’s sneakers are made from 100% leather and come in fun colors like white, brown, red, black, and more and they come in sizes 5.5 – 10.

The sneakers are high with little zippers on the sides which makes them easy to wear and they add a fun detail. The leather sneakers have a white sole that makes the fully white if you pick the white shoes and add a great detail when you pick the other colors.

Get your Women’s Leather Sneakers for $64.93

buy Smiley Face Swimsuit

Smiley Face Swimsuit

If you like to shows your emotions when swimming then you need to see this smiley face swimsuit.

The swimsuit has a fun background print in light blue and white and on top of all that you can find many yellow smiley faces with many different emojis.

You can get this one piece bathing suit in women’s sizes XSmall – 5XL and it is made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

So now you can bring all your emotions to the pool or beach as all of them are printed on this fun swimwear.

Get your Smiley Face Swimsuit for $18.99 and Free Shipping.