buy Squares And Triangle Necklace

Squares And Triangle Necklace

Squares And Triangle Necklace

Break the pattern of you clothes with a necklace that has some shapes.

This necklace is gold colored and has black triangles and white squares to make it a bit more playful.

A necklace like this goes with almost anything making it the perfect piece of jewelry.

And if you don’t like black and white then you can get one in green and pink.

Get your Squares And Triangle Necklace for $9.62

buy Yellow Chic Maxi Dress

Yellow Chic Maxi Dress

yellow maxi dress

This simple but stylish dress is great for many occasions. From walk on the beach to shopping at the mall but also that party you have planned for tonight.

A yellow dress is great for when the weather is nice and this maxi dress will be perfect.

The scoop neck and sleeveless design make it perfect with some nice jewelry.

Get your Yellow Chic Maxi Dress for $19.99

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buy Easy Street Leopard Print Flats

Easy Street Leopard Print Flats

Animal print go with almost anything and now you can get a pair of leopard print flats.

These flats made by Easy Street come in a wide range of sizes 5 -12 and all have this lovely leopard print.

The material looks and feels like suede making it even more desirable.

And the cushioned insole makes these flats perfect for a day in the mall or a day in the office. They are so comfortable you can wear them any time.

Get your Easy Street Leopard Print Flats for $17.99

buy Butterfly Braclet

Butterfly Braclet

Butterfly Braclet

A bracelet can add some special touches to your total outfit.

And this bracelet brings butterflies. There are tree butterflies on the bracelet two plain colored and the butterfly in the middle all dressed up in blue and greens.

This bracelet is a special style of jewelry that would be a focal point for you while you wear it.

Get your Butterfly Braclet for $3.34 and Free Shipping.

buy Double Crystal Ring

Double Crystal Ring

double crystal ring

This ring is different and it all starts with that the top is open give it an open look while wearing it on your finger.
Having the top open makes it easy to adjust in size so that this ring will fit most people perfectly.

Besides being open the top has on each side a crystal one big and one small bringing the little sparkle to you fingers while it looks like you are not wearing a ring.

The ring is made from a gold colored metal making it easy to match with any outfit.

Get your Double Crystal Ring for $9.99 and Free Shipping.

buy USA Flag Flip Flops

USA Flag Flip Flops

How about a pair of flip flops that have the American stars and stripes printed on them?

These flip flops comes in a wide range of sizes not only for women but also for kids and men.

And as you can see this footwear has an used flag printed on it. Of course it is not really used it just looks worn to give it a different look.

If you like the US flag then why not wear it on your feet.

Get your USA Flag Flip Flops for $16.99

buy Oil Paint Dress

Oil Paint Dress

Oil Paint design Dress

Are most of you dresses just a boring plain color?

If so then you have to have a closer look at this dress that is covered in color.

It looks like the dress is dipped in pails of paint making the dress you screaming in color.  The oil color dress is nice it maybe to much for some but it sure add some character. The back of the dress is open and the dress is sleeveless making it ideal to add some simple details.

Get your Oil Paint Dress for $38.69 and Free Shipping.

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