buy Watermelons Flip Flops

Watermelons Flip Flops

Women's Watermelons Flip Flops

Sure you can get boring plain flip flops or you can get watermelons Flip Flops that look just like a real watermelon.

These flip flops have footbed that is red with a green edge and in the red you can see the seeds of the melon making it look even more real and watermelons are perfect for summer and so are these flip flops that you can just wear all summer long.

These flip flops of course are perfect for women but also come in men and kids sizes.

And if you don’t like the white strap then no worries you can also get it with a black, pink or blue strap and the sole comes in white or black just to give you some options.

Get your Watermelons Flip Flops for $30.95

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