buy Women’s Wide Brim Garden Summer Hat

Women’s Wide Brim Garden Summer Hat

How about a nice Women’s Wide Brim Garden Summer Hat and keep protected from the sun while looking amazing.

This wide brim hat is available in many colors including blue, beige, pink, and burgundy and the fun printed lining is the same at all.

And this garden hat is great for while gardening in the sun or a day at the beach or a visit to the park. And the hat is UPF 50+ so you will be protected from the sun and it is foldable to so that when not in use you can easy fold it and store it away for when the sun comes out again.

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buy Women’s Timex Two Tone Watch

Women’s Timex Two Tone Watch

Now there is this gorgeous Women’s Timex Two Tone Watch that will help to tell you the time while looking stunning on your wrist.

This women’s watch has a nice chrome watch with a white watch face with in gold the hands and hours and then there is the band that is chrome but also has a gold twirl to give it a real fun look.

You can get yourself this gorgeous timepiece or give it to someone special in your life because everyone deserves something nice on their wrist.

And this Timex wrist watch is also available in different color combinations and you can see those by clicking on the watch photo.

Get your Women’s Timex Two Tone Watch.

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buy 1920 Style Cloche Hat with Side Flower

1920 Style Cloche Hat with Side Flower

Now there is this 1920 Style Cloche Hat with Side Flower that is just the perfect hat for winter if you like to wear something nice.

When I first saw this cloche hat I thought of Downton Abbey and that also means it is kinda timeless.

This cloche hat is kinda of a fedora style with a nice brim and a flower on the side and besides the one in the picture there are many colors to choose from and you can see them all by simply clicking the picture.

We can all use a nice hat for winter that looks nice for when you like to dress up a bit.

Get your 1920 Style Cloche Hat with Side Flower.

buy Baggy Beanie Hat With Pompom

Baggy Beanie Hat With Pompom

Now there is this neat Baggy Beanie Hat With Pompom.

The women’s winter hat is a knitted beanie made from 100% soft acrylic. As you can see there is Queen of Fur tag on the rim that breaks the look a bit for a bit more fun.

And you can get this beanie in lots of colors and the pompom can be removed for easy cleaning or just to wear the hat without it and if you would get different colored hats then you can even mix and match the pompom on top to make the hat more unique.

Get your Baggy Beanie Hat With Pompom.

buy Small Crossbody Bag

Small Crossbody Bag

We all have the need to take stuff and this Small Crossbody Bag is just perfect for holding things that you really need.

This is not a big handbag but a smaller bag that still offers plenty of room for your phone, sunglasses, passport, lipstick, and much more.

And this handmade leather crossbody bag is available in a wide range of colors so that you can find one that fits perfectly with your outfit. Black, brown, red, and blue are just some of the colors so click on the picture to see them all and to see more photos of this versatile bag.

And the strap is adjustable in size and can be removed too if you like.

Get your Small Crossbody Bag.

buy Tribal Print Headband

Tribal Print Headband

Now your hairs can stay in place because you can wear this Tribal Print Headband.

This headband is made from a polyester and spandex blend which makes it really soft and flexible enough to fit any head size.

As you can see this headband has a nice tribal print but other designs are available and just click on the photo to see them all.

The hair accessory is 4 inches wide which is great for some activities but if you like it smaller then you can simply fold it and you have something smaller.

A headband like this is great as that piece you wear when you go for a workout or just when things need to be done around town.

Get your Tribal Print Headband.

buy Black Rhinestone Belt

Black Rhinestone Belt

Now you can be wearing this Black Rhinestone Belt on your pants.

This belt is for everyone that loves some sparkle in their lives because it is a black leather belt and it has lots of holes in it and there are lots and lots of rhinestones and you can even find sparkly stones on the buckle.

And if black is not your color then you are in luck because this belt is also available in white.

This black women’s belt is 35 inches long but is easy to adjust in size so that it can fit you perfectly without having a long piece of belt you have to loop on your pants.

A cool belt like this will look great on some jeans and other pants.

Get your Black Rhinestone Belt.

buy Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Now you can be using these Cat Eye Sunglasses when the sun is out.

These women’s sunglasses have like an aviator style frame only there is more as on top of the frame it has some shapes that look a bit like ears or make it look like you have cat eyes.

You can get these gold colored frames with different colored lenses and they do black UV A and UV B rays to protect your eyes from the sun while looking really nice on your face.

Get your Cat Eye Sunglasses.

buy Shamrock Sunglasses

Shamrock Sunglasses

This St Patrick’s Day you can look cool all thanks to these Shamrock Sunglasses.

The cool shades have a white frame that is covered in green shamrocks and everyone knows that means an Irish party.

You can get these St Patrick’s Day sunglasses in many sizes so that both kids and adults can wear them.

And the lenses of these sunglasses have UV protection too so that they do work like normal sunglasses and that means that you can wear these shades the whole year long not just on St Patrick’s Day.

Get your Shamrock Sunglasses.

buy Adjustable Headbands

Adjustable Headbands

Now you can have a Adjustable Headbands for that bad hair day.

These headbands are adjustable in size to fit your perfectly and even fit the kids.

And you can get these headbands in many different colors so that you an go for a color that matches your hair or for something bright for when you wear it to a workout class.

If you like something to keep your hair in place and look great then you just have to check out this headband and all it’s options.

Get your Adjustable Headbands.