buy 8 Piece Open Ring Set

8 Piece Open Ring Set

Now there is this 8 Piece Open Ring Set which mean that you get a lot of jewelry all in one set.

This set includes 8 different style rings from just a band to things like waves, leaves and more.

The rings are available in silver, gold and rose gold and they are silver or gold plated to make them look really nice.

And this jewelry set has open end rings and that makes them easy to adjust in size.

A fun set of rings like is great to get yourself but also makes for a great present for someone special for a birthday or a special occasion.

Get your 8 Piece Open Ring Set for $11.98

buy Pineapple Ring

Pineapple Ring

If you like pineapples and jewelry then check out this silver Pineapple Ring.

As you can see the ring has a small band with a big pineapple all part of the ring.

You can get this pineapple ring in many sizes going from 4 all the way to 12.5 so that there is the perfect size for the finger of your choosing.

And this ring is made from 925 sterling silver.

I am sure that this special piece of jewelry will look great on you so why not just get one.

Get your Pineapple Ring for $29.00

buy Cable Ring

Cable Ring

Now there is this amazing looking Cable Ring.

Yes, this ring is not small and smooth but if you like a little bit more chunk on your finger then this ring could be it.

The ring comes in silver or a two tone with silver and gold and a bunch of ring sizes.

As you can see on the picture it looks like a normal ring with inside it what looks like cables and around it there are different rings and all that transforms it into something cool.

If you click on the picture you can see both versions and how they look on your hand.

Get your Cable Ring for $8.27

buy Skulls And Bling Ring

Skulls And Bling Ring

Now there is this special Skulls And Bling Ring that is unique and amazing.

This ring is made from 925 sterling silver with a big Cubic Zircons gem stone and smaller once around it and then on the band you can see a skull on each side with a rose on top and a bow and cross below it.

If you like skulls and jewelry then this is one of those piece you should see.

You can get this ring in ringsides 3 – 15 so you can get the perfect size for you.

A ring like this looks so nice that it could be your engagement ring.

Get your Skulls And Bling Ring for $154.84

buy Cute Cat Adjustable Ring

Cute Cat Adjustable Ring

If you like fun jewelry then you should check out this cute cat adjustable ring.

The ring is open on the bottom and that makes it possible to adjust the size.

The cat ring is made from 925 sterling silver and comes in a gift box so that you can surpise a cat lady with some amazing jewelry.

The ring has the ears of the cat on top and they stick up a bit and to the open end you can see the paws of he cat and you can find bot the bottom and the top of the cats paws.

Get your Cute Cat Adjustable Ring for $10.99

buy Amethyst Eternity Ring

Amethyst Eternity Ring

If you are looking for a special piece of jewelry then this amethyst eternity ring is what you want.

The ring shows little pods with an Amethyst looking stone inside it (made from Cubic Zirconia) and the ring itself is made from gold plated sterling silver.

And the pods with stones go all around your finger making an eternity ring as it never seems to end.

You can get this ring in different women’s ring sizes and it comes in a nice gift box making it the perfect present for yourself or a loved one.

Get your Amethyst Eternity Ring for $36.43

buy Crystal Cluster Ring

Crystal Cluster Ring

This women’s ring is something different and that makes it an amazing gift for yourself or that special lady in your life.

The gold plated ring sprouts out from the back in tree strands that end in a glass crystal in a different color so that you have the crystals shining in the front while it is old securely together in the back.

This women’s jewelry can be adjusted in size to make it fit perfect for your fingers.

Like any good jewelry also this women’s ring comes in a gift box to make the surprise even bigger.

Get your Crystal Cluster Ring for $150.00

buy Titanium Ring With Purple Gemstone

Titanium Ring With Purple Gemstone

This ring made by Edward Mirell is just stunning.

It looks a bit like a wedding band but instead of on round ring it is open in the middle and that is where you find a purple gemstone. Besides the gemstone the ring itself has a purple line in the middle. The ring is made from titanium and is 4 millimetres wide and comes in ring sizes 5 – 12 (also half sizes are available)

And this women’s ring comes in a gift box to making it a nice present for a special someone.

Get your Titanium Ring With Purple Gemstone for $166.95 and Free Shipping.

buy Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Stackable Ring

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Stackable Ring

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Stackable Ring

This ring is something special.

The ring is more like two rings stuck together so when you wear it on your finger you feel see a cross shape and this top is covered in cubic zirconia stones to give it the sparkle you are looking for.

The stackable ring is made from sterling silver and surely a real special piece of jewelry that would be a great addition to your collection.

And men this ring makes the perfect present to.

You can get his ring in many different ring sizes for the perfect fit on your finger.

Get your Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Stackable Ring for $35.04

buy Swarovski Open Gold Ring

Swarovski Open Gold Ring

Swarovski Open Gold Ring

Looking for a ring that looks stunning and is different?

How about this gold ring that even has a real Swarovski crystal on it.

The ring design is fun with a round with and opening and the opening has a bar on each side one side is just gold and the other side is the Swarovski crystal in a gold clasp.

Because the ring is open you can adjust it a little bit in size for that perfect fit around you finger.

Get your Swarovski Open Gold Ring for $65.00