buy Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Now you can be using these Cat Eye Sunglasses when the sun is out.

These women’s sunglasses have like an aviator style frame only there is more as on top of the frame it has some shapes that look a bit like ears or make it look like you have cat eyes.

You can get these gold colored frames with different colored lenses and they do black UV A and UV B rays to protect your eyes from the sun while looking really nice on your face.

Get your Cat Eye Sunglasses for $13.90

buy Shamrock Sunglasses

Shamrock Sunglasses

This St Patrick’s Day you can look cool all thanks to these Shamrock Sunglasses.

The cool shades have a white frame that is covered in green shamrocks and everyone knows that means an Irish party.

You can get these St Patrick’s Day sunglasses in many sizes so that both kids and adults can wear them.

And the lenses of these sunglasses have UV protection too so that they do work like normal sunglasses and that means that you can wear these shades the whole year long not just on St Patrick’s Day.

Get your Shamrock Sunglasses for $10.00

buy Cat Eyes Sunglasses

Cat Eyes Sunglasses

If you like cats and need to be in the sun then you want to check out these cat eyes sunglasses.

The sunglasses have like fun shapes almost like they have ears and the frames come in many colors including just see through and even black and white and  animal prints and the lenses come in different colors too.

Eye wear like this is just way more fun then most sunglasses and I am sure that they will look great on your face.

If you like cats or not these glasses are something you want to check out as it comes in so many different options.

Get your Cat Eyes Sunglasses for $1.95

buy Oversized Square Sunglasses (come in many colors)

Oversized Square Sunglasses (come in many colors)

If you want some amazing looking shades for the summer then you should check out these oversized square sunglasses.

The sunglasses are available in a wide range of colors (click on the picture to see them all) so if you like black, blue, pink, brown, purple, gray, or a different color then that is a possibility.

The square sunglasses come with a nice case so that they keep protected when not in use and they are UV400 so they give you the sun protection you need.

Sure these glasses are different but that makes them so perfect for you so come check them out.

Get your Oversized Square Sunglasses (come in many colors) for $11.99

buy Oversized Octagon Shaped Sunglasses

Oversized Octagon Shaped Sunglasses

When the sun comes out you want to look great with some cool shades.

And now there are these oversized sunglasses that have lenses that are octagon in shape and that may even make you feel a bit like a hippie.

You can get this sunglasses in in different colors and yes then the lenses are different colored to.

These octagon sunglasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection so that you know your eyes are protected on the beautiful sunny days.

Get your Oversized Octagon Shaped Sunglasses for $12.95

buy Black Sunglasses With Swirly Arms

Black Sunglasses With Swirly Arms

Black Sunglasses With Swirly Arms

Why get sunglasses that are straight and kind boring?

Now there are these black sunglasses that are way more fun. The front shows big rims with round corners and then on the side the arms of these sunglasses are like a swirl to give it just a extra bit of fun to look at.

Now you have a pair of glasses you don’t see on everyone but everyone is gone admire it on your.

Get your Black Sunglasses With Swirly Arms for $8.99

buy Union Jack British Flag Sunglasses

Union Jack British Flag Sunglasses

Do you like everything British?

If so then these are the sunglasses you want.

These sunglasses have the famous Union Jack flag of Great Britain on it and with that I mean that the complete frame is the British flag. And like any pair of good sunglasses the lenses offer full UV protection to keep your eyes safe and of course keep the sun out.

You summer will be even more fun if you have fun sunglasses like these once.

Get your Union Jack British Flag Sunglasses for $5.39

buy Sunny Things Aviator Sunglasses

Sunny Things Aviator Sunglasses

Women's Sunny Things Aviator Sunglasses

Looking for some sunglasses that bring the feeling of summer what ever kind of weather it is?

These women’s aviators could be the pair you need.

The gold tone metal frame makes these sunglasses look like most aviators but the glass inside it makes you see the sun what ever weather it is. The glass s like a golden color make it is difficult for others to see your eyes but hey it looks like it’s sunny all the time.

And as any good pair of sunglasses these glasses have a UV 400 protection.

Get your Sunny Things Aviator Sunglasses for $19.99

buy Round Duo Tone Sunglasses

Round Duo Tone Sunglasses

women's Round Duo Tone Sunglasses

I live in a place where you really need sunglasses year round but sometimes you just want to have a bit more light to.

Now there are these fun round sunglasses that have glass that is regular sunglass on the top and just plain see through on the bottom.

And not only is this duo tone glass handy it also look really neat when you wear it. specially with the big round black frame.

So if you are a women that want something different and still blocks the sun then this could be it.

Get your Round Duo Tone Sunglasses for $10.00

buy Flower Sunglasses

Flower Sunglasses

Flower Sunglasses

Summer needs special summer sunglasses and one with a flower on it would be a great start.

These sunglasses do not just have a little flower on the top they also have some fun and funky colors.

On the picture you can see the green version but these women’s sunglasses also come in pink, black and blue and all are great fun to look at.

Why go for boring when you can have sunglasses that scream summer.

Get your Flower Sunglasses for $14.99 and Free Shipping.