buy Hearts Flip Flops

Hearts Flip Flops

Love is in the air and that means lots of red hearts flying around.

And now you can have fun flip flops covered with red hearts.
These flip flops have a white footbed that is covered with red hearts in all kind of sizes.

These hearts flip flops are great for yourself or as gift for that special someone on a special day like for instance valentine’s day.

You can get these flip flops in a wide range of sizes for men, women and even kids.

Get your Hearts Flip Flops for $16.99

buy Tommy Hilfiger Jakline Flats

Tommy Hilfiger Jakline Flats

Some nice flats would fit in any women’s shoes collection and these Tommy Hilfiger shoes would be a perfect addition to your collection.

These Jakline flats come in two colors dark blue or brown.

The Tommy Hilfiger shoes have a fabric top with a faux leather nose and the fabric has thin brown or blue lines on them and then close to the white or blue nose it says “Hilfiger” on the shoe.

You can get these Jakline flats in sizes 6 to 10.

Get your Tommy Hilfiger Jakline Flats for $34.99

buy Neon Green Personal Flip Flops

Neon Green Personal Flip Flops

Neon green monogram flip flops

Now you can have the flip flops that belong to you.

This footwear has a neon green color with black straps but there is more.
On the footbed of these green flip flops you can find your name.

On the example picture above you can see how it says “Closetrefill” but when you order them it will have the name you choose.

So no one is gone wear you flip flops again when you personalize them for you.

Get your Neon Green Personal Flip Flops for $34.95

buy Dr. Sholl’s Palma Red Striped Flats

Dr. Sholl’s Palma Red Striped Flats

toms look a like summer shoes

Looking for the summer footwear that looks fun under almost anything?

These red tones striped flats from Dr. Sholl’s can be your goto pair this summer.

With the fun stripes it will look great under jeans, shorts and a dress it kind of works with anything.

You can get these striped shoes in sizes 6 – 11 and with the super comfy footbed you can walk for hours.

Get your Dr. Sholl’s Palma Red Striped Flats for $50.00

buy Polka Dots Flip Flops

Polka Dots Flip Flops

Polka Dots Flip Flops

If you have a summery polka dots dress then some polka dots flip flops would be a great addition.

These flip flops have a black footbed with white polka dots on them and you can choose to have a white or black strap.

You can get these fun dotted flip flops in sizes 4 – 11.5.

Flip flops like this are great for a bit of dress up or a day at the beach.

Get your Polka Dots Flip Flops for $36.95

buy Nine West Womens Our Love Flats

Nine West Womens Our Love Flats

Nine West Womens Our Love

These Nine West shoes will bring some extra color to your shoe closet.

As you can see these shoes almost look like they are on fire.

If you are looking for a colorful pair of flats then these Women Our Love flats would be perfect. They may not be a shoe that fits with everything but still they are cute and comfortable.

Available in sizes 5 – 10 you will enjoy a walk around town in these colorful shoes.

Get your Nine West Womens Our Love Flats for $42.99

buy Leopard Pint Flip Flops

Leopard Pint Flip Flops

These flip flops have an amazingly detailed leopard print on it that makes it look like you are standing on the real fur of this animal.

But no these flop flops just have the leopard print on it but are still water proof and great for a day at the beach, mall, home or maybe even work.

You can get these animal print flips flops in a wide range of sizes so that they fit you like a shoes should.

Get your Leopard Pint Flip Flops for $16.99

buy Rockport Demisa Plain Moc

Rockport Demisa Plain Moc

Rockport Demisa Plain shoes

A pair of shoes that go with almost anything that is what the Rockport Demisa Plain Moc shoes are.

They look stylish and are super comfortable and the suede give it the look you hoped for.

And Rockport shoes bring you the quality you deserve from your shoes.

You can get these Demisa Plain Moc shoes in size 5 to 11 and they come in a range of colors.

Get your Rockport Demisa Plain Moc for $79.99