buy Candy Cane Cookie Cutter Christmas Earrings

Candy Cane Cookie Cutter Christmas Earrings

With a fun Christmas outfit, you will need some Christmas earrings and what better than earrings with candy canes on them.

These Christmas earrings have upside down candy canes on them and they look like cookie cutters and that makes them even more perfect if you are baking cookies.

Besides the candy canes, there are some red and green crystals to make it even more festive and fun.

The french hooks make them easy to wear and they will dangle and look fun all day long.

Get your Candy Cane Cookie Cutter Christmas Earrings for $8.99

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buy Women’s Bamboo Watch

Women’s Bamboo Watch

Now there is a women’s watch that looks stylish and fun and is made from wood.

The Luno Wear women’s watch is made from bamboo and has color accents around the rim and the hands of the clock face and even the band is in the color of the accent.

You can get this wooden women’s watch in green, tan, white, black, and red. And all these colors means that it fits your style.

And a bamboo watch like this is light and great looking making it perfect for casual and more formal settings.

Get your Women’s Bamboo Watch for $64.99

buy Banana Earrings

Banana Earrings

If you like the yellow banana then why not hang some in your ears.

These fun earrings have little mini banana’s hanging on them and a silver colored hook. With a banana in each ear, you already have you two servings of fruit.

It’s just fun to have something as cute as a banana dangling in your ear and I am sure you can make it fit with a fun outfit.

Jewelry does not have to be bling as bananas are cuter than diamonds.

Get your Banana Earrings for $12.99

buy Love You Forever Fox Bracelet

Love You Forever Fox Bracelet

If you want a bracelet that shows you love or just a present for a special someone then this sterling silver bangle style bracelet is just what you need.

The bracelet is open in the middle and there is where you find a head of a fox on one side. On the silver bracelet it also stays “Love You Forever” and that of course makes this a real special gift.

And this fox bracelet comes in a gift box so that it is all ready to surprise someone.

Get your Love You Forever Fox Bracelet for $32.90

buy Relax Island Breeze Wrist Watch

Relax Island Breeze Wrist Watch

This women’s wrist watch from Tommy Bahama is just a great looking time piece for every day use.

The watch has a blue green / turquoise color on both the watch face and the band and besides that the watch also has a chrome bezel to make it all look fresh and fun.

The watch band is made from nylon so that it’s strong and comfortable to wear.

The watch itself is made from stainless steel with a mineral dial window and has a 35mm diameter and is water resistant to up to 99 feet.

And this women’s watch comes in a nice gift box to so that you can even surprise your women with a nice watch to wear.

Get your Relax Island Breeze Wrist Watch for $56

buy Juicy Couture Pink and Gold Wrist Watch

Juicy Couture Pink and Gold Wrist Watch

If you are looking for a fun and colorful gold watch then this Juicy Couture watch is what you need.

The wrist watch has a 38mm watch that is made from stainless steel that is gold plated. The watch face is white with gold details to make it easy to read the time and it is not just white there is plenty of colors in a funky pattern.

The wrist watch has a pink silicone band with buckle close.

Don’t worry about the time as this watch has a Japanese quartz movement so you always know the exact time.

Get your Juicy Couture Pink and Gold Wrist Watch for $99.70

buy Crossed Guns Necklace

Crossed Guns Necklace

It does not matter if you are for or agains guns this guns necklace is just a nice piece for around you neck.

The necklace is 16 inch long and has a 3 inch long extender and on the necklace you can find two crossed guns witch would look great on your when you wear a low cut shirt or dress as then the silver colored necklace really comes to it right.

So why not get a guns necklace like this so that you shows the world what you someone to watch out for.


Get your Crossed Guns Necklace for $8.50

buy Gold Color Bangle Watch

Gold Color Bangle Watch

If you would like a watch that is different and great to look at then this women’s wrist watch could be just what you want.

This watch is a gold color bangle that has a rougher look on the edge and total smooth inner with on that the watch with an oval watch face that is also gold in color but still real easy to read.

Wrist jewelry like this is just perfect as it does not look like a clunky watch but more like a sexy bracelet.

Get your Gold Color Bangle Watch for $9.99

buy Crystal Cluster Ring

Crystal Cluster Ring

This women’s ring is something different and that makes it an amazing gift for yourself or that special lady in your life.

The gold plated ring sprouts out from the back in tree strands that end in a glass crystal in a different color so that you have the crystals shining in the front while it is old securely together in the back.

This women’s jewelry can be adjusted in size to make it fit perfect for your fingers.

Like any good jewelry also this women’s ring comes in a gift box to make the surprise even bigger.

Get your Crystal Cluster Ring for $150.00

buy Silver Bangle Bracelet

Silver Bangle Bracelet

If you are looking for a nice bracelet for yourself or looking for a nice present for a special someone, this could be what you have been searching for.

The bracelet is made from S999 sterling silver and is open on one side and besides that it just looks stunning. The bangle bracelet is not just straight it has some fun shape to it that makes me think of bamboo as it seems to have the same structure.

With an inner diameter of 5.5 cm it is the perfect size for many wrists and each bracelet weighs about 16 grams.

Get your Silver Bangle Bracelet for $25.90