buy Red Plaid Dress

Red Plaid Dress

Red Tartan pattern dress

A classic looking fun dress for everyday.

This red tartan pattern plaid dress will look great for many occasion like work and social. The dress has black long sleeves attached to it and would look great with some black tights.

And the plaid dress even has a plaid belt complete the look.

This red dress is made from cotton and comes in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

Get your Red Plaid Dress for $12.85

buy Black Swan T-Shirt

Black Swan T-Shirt

Ballet dancer black swan t-shirt

This t-shirt shows a ballet dancer all in black and a head that at first looks like a flower but if you look closer you see it is a black swan and then there is all kind of swan feathers flying through the air while the dancer dances.

This ballet t-shirt comes in a range of colors to make it fit perfectly by your closet needs.

Made from 100% cotton this black swan t-shirt will stay in shape for along time.

And you can get his t-shirt in sizes Small – XL.

Get your Black Swan T-Shirt for $24.00

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Black Paw Print Dress


black dress with claw prints

This black dress is sleeveless and is covered in white paw prints. Don’t know what animal they are from but it sure looks fun.

And on the back of this dress there is a cutout of the same paw only bigger opening the dress up and making it even more special.

You can get his paw print dress in sizes Small and Medium but check the size info for the perfect fit.

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buy American Flag Shorts

American Flag Shorts

Summer is making you need some fun shorts and what is more fun than short denim shorts.

These shorts are just plain blue denim on the back but have the famous stars and stripes of the American flag on the front.

The bottom of the shorts look like cutoffs to give it that frayed look.

You can get these American flag shorts in sizes 0 -10.

Get your American Flag Shorts for $19.99

buy Back Bow Cutout T-Shirt

Back Bow Cutout T-Shirt

Back Bow Cutout T-Shirt

Now t-shirt are fun again.

This heather grey shirt has a round neckline that cuts lower on the front and on the aback it has 4 little bows and they bring together the fabric making you back look partly bare.

A shirt like this is great for summer as you can show some skin and get a fun tan on your back.

You can get this bow back shirt in wide range of sizes to fit your body perfectly.

Get your Back Bow Cutout T-Shirt for $21.00

buy Slim Yellow Dress

Slim Yellow Dress

Yellow summer dress

This yellow dress is great for any occasion. Fun at home, the beach, in town or maybe work or a special function this dress can be used for almost any occasion.

The dress is short but the perfect length for a summer day. And the dress is not just yellow it has a imprinted pattern to make it all look even better. You can dress this slim dress up with a nice belt to bring a different color accent to it.

You can get this yellow dress in sizes Xsmall – Large.

Get your Slim Yellow Dress for $49.99 and Free Shipping.

buy Orchid Jersey Pocket Skirt

Orchid Jersey Pocket Skirt

Purple Skirt

Looking for that all purpose skirt that fits right and looks great?

How about this skirt from American Apparel. The skirt comes in a wide range of colors and fabrics to fit your needs.
We show you the orchid color but it comes in black, blue, red, grey and even more colors.

The nice thing of this skirt is that it has two front pockets so that you can take some small things with your without the need of bringing a purse.

You can get this American Apparel Jersery Pocket skirt in sizes Xsmall – Large.

Get your Orchid Jersey Pocket Skirt for $30.00

buy Newspaper Leggings

Newspaper Leggings

Newspaper Graffiti leggings

Do you like to read the paper?

If so then you may like these spandex leggings that have a newspaper print on them. Articles can be found all over these leggings.

The elastic waist and stretchy material make these leggings to really fit nicely around you legs.

You have to see the other pictures of these leggings, just click on the picture above to do so.

Get your Newspaper Leggings for $19.99 and Free Shipping.

buy Number 87 Black Shorts

Number 87 Black Shorts

Black sporty shorts

Summer is great specially when you have some fun and comfortable shorts.

These black shorts are cotton and have a tied up belt with a white string making it kind of playfull and on the side of the shorts there it has a big 87 against a white background.

Shorts for leisure need to be comfy and stylish so come check the picture of these black shorts.

Get your Number 87 Black Shorts for $39.99 and Free Shipping.