buy Gold Ball Bracelet

Gold Ball Bracelet

Gold Ball Bracelet

This bracelet looks really elegant and clean.

It’s a Sterling silver hoop and has a 14k gold ball in on it.

And the silver and gold colors make this bracelet look stunning and I believe that this bracelet could become one you would wear almost any day of the week.

And the bracelet comes in 3 sizes 6, 7.5 or 8 inch.

Just imagine this bracelet on your wrist and you know that it goes with almost any outfit.

Get your Gold Ball Bracelet for $86.99 and Free Shipping.

buy Silver Mermaid Bracelet

Silver Mermaid Bracelet

Silver Mermaid Bracelet
If you like some mermaids around your wrist then you are in luck.

This mermaid bracket shows two mermaids holding up a big pearl.

This bangle style bracelet is made from 925 sterling silver and is nickel free.

A special piece of jewerly makes the difference and while wearing this you can feel a little bit more like the little mermaid.

Get your Silver Mermaid Bracelet for $65.45

buy Wood And Leopard Print Bracelet

Wood And Leopard Print Bracelet

Wood And Leopard Print Bracelet
Animal prints are great on almost anything.

This time you can find a gold leopard print inlay in a wooden bracelet.

This bracelet with the animal print will be admired by others and is a great accessory that fits with almost anything.

If you need a bracelet then you should look at this one.

Get your Wood And Leopard Print Bracelet for $5.99

buy Butterfly Braclet

Butterfly Braclet

Butterfly Braclet

A bracelet can add some special touches to your total outfit.

And this bracelet brings butterflies. There are tree butterflies on the bracelet two plain colored and the butterfly in the middle all dressed up in blue and greens.

This bracelet is a special style of jewelry that would be a focal point for you while you wear it.

Get your Butterfly Braclet for $3.34 and Free Shipping.