buy Rockport Demisa Plain Moc

Rockport Demisa Plain Moc

Rockport Demisa Plain shoes

A pair of shoes that go with almost anything that is what the Rockport Demisa Plain Moc shoes are.

They look stylish and are super comfortable and the suede give it the look you hoped for.

And Rockport shoes bring you the quality you deserve from your shoes.

You can get these Demisa Plain Moc shoes in size 5 to 11 and they come in a range of colors.

Get your Rockport Demisa Plain Moc for $79.99

buy Leopard Print Leggings

Leopard Print Leggings

Leopard print leggings

Animal prints are fun to wear and if you like cats then how about the print on these leopard print leggings.

Now your legs can be covered in leopard print.

These leggings have an ankle high cut and are soft and stretchy so that they are comfortable to wear.

You can get these leopard print leggings in sizes Small – XLarge.

Get your Leopard Print Leggings for $25.99 and Free Shipping.

buy Jewel Drop Necklace

Jewel Drop Necklace

Jewel Drop Necklace

You are looking for that special necklace that makes your outfit complete.

If you wear a strapless dress then this necklace will do the trick. The necklace is build up of shiny pieces of diamond (not real once) and it all makes it look like a waterfall of sparkles.

The necklace is adjustable in size so that it will fit your perfectly.

Get your Jewel Drop Necklace for $9.99 and Free Shipping.

buy Colorful Stripes Leggings

Colorful Stripes Leggings

Rainbow stripe leggings

Why go for plain when your leggings can have color to make them look so much better.

These leggings have a dark background on witch colorful stripes are printed and that give is a great effect and that makes these leggings great to wear just like this or with a nice skirt.

The striped leggings are made from a cotton / spandex blend making them soft and stretchy.

Get your Colorful Stripes Leggings for $25.99 and Free Shipping.

buy White Polka Dot Dress

White Polka Dot Dress

White Polka Dot Dress

This elegant white dress is covered in black polka dots and other black accents like a big bow on the back that is connected to the black waistband.

This polka dot dress comes in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

A dress like this is classy but not to making it perfect for a party or a more formal occasion.

Click on the picture above to see more picture of this white dress.

Get your White Polka Dot Dress for $20.49 and Free Shipping.

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Red Christmas Ornament High Top Shoes


Red Christmas Ornament High Top Shoes

We have so much Christmas clothing here that you can dress up head to legs as until now the Christmas shoes where missing but we got you covered.

These high top sneakers are ready for Christmas.

The sneakers for ZIPZ are white but have a design printed on it of red Christmas ornaments. Different Christmas details like snowflakes, stockings and of course the Christmas tree can all be found in red on these shoes.

And these Christmas sneakers come in women’s sizes 6 – 15 and they come in men’s sizes to.