buy Leopard Print Belt

Leopard Print Belt

Golden Hearts Leopard Print Belt

A nice and thing belt with a leopard print design on it and two golden hearts as the belt buckle that closes it all.

The animal print makes it great to wear this faux leather belt with almost anything.

You can adjust the size of this leopard print belt between 53 and 94 cm and it is about 1.2 cm high.

Get your Leopard Print Belt for $23.99 and Free Shipping.

buy Neon Green Personal Flip Flops

Neon Green Personal Flip Flops

Neon green monogram flip flops

Now you can have the flip flops that belong to you.

This footwear has a neon green color with black straps but there is more.
On the footbed of these green flip flops you can find your name.

On the example picture above you can see how it says “Closetrefill” but when you order them it will have the name you choose.

So no one is gone wear you flip flops again when you personalize them for you.

Get your Neon Green Personal Flip Flops for $34.95

buy Black Leggings With White Polka Dots

Black Leggings With White Polka Dots

Black leggings with white dots

Black leggings go with almost anything and they become even better if they have polka dots.

These leggings have all that, white dots against a black background.

These leggings are stretchy to make they fit nice and snug around your legs.

Just imagine the possibilities for these leggings. Skirts, dresses and even shorts all will look great with these black leggings.

Click on the picture above to see some options you have with these leggings.

Get your Black Leggings With White Polka Dots for $12.95 and Free Shipping.

buy Water Drop Style Earrings

Water Drop Style Earrings

Water Drop Style Earrings

Looking for nice earrings that look classical?

How about these.

These hanging earrings are about 5 cm long and have a metal pendant that hold a drop shaped stone and that stone comes in green or wine red (your choice).

A pair of earrings like this are great to match with clothing and will make you look stunning.

Check out both colors by clicking on the picture above.

Get your Water Drop Style Earrings for $4.22 and Free Shipping.

buy Colorful Zipper Necklace

Colorful Zipper Necklace

Colorful Zipper Necklace

A nice gold necklace is nice for something formal but if you like some fun color around you neck then maybe this colored zipper necklace is the jewelry you need.

The necklace has two black strings on witch there are a bunch of zippers all in different colors.

And the necklace has lobster claps and is easily adjustable in length.

Get your Colorful Zipper Necklace for $10.99 and Free Shipping.

buy US Flag Midriff T-Shirt

US Flag Midriff T-Shirt

Women's t-shirt with the American flag on it

Midriff t-shirt are fun as they still show part of your body while looking fun. If you have a belly button ring or killer abs then you should try a midriff t-shirt like this.

And this shirt looks like the US flag the stars and stripes complete with the red and white stripes on the front and back and the blue patch with white stars again on front and back.

This t-shirt has a dirty look like a flag would have if it was hanging in the wind for a long time.

Get your US Flag Midriff T-Shirt for $17.89 and Free Shipping.

buy Stylish Women’s Shorts

Stylish Women’s Shorts

red women's shorts

Summer can be hot and when the weather is hot then shorts are the ideal pair of pants to wear.

These shorts are above the knee but still look stylish and can be worn in many settings.

You can get these women’s shorts in 3 colors ivory, black and the show burgundy.

These summer shorts come in sizes Small and Medium. To see sample of the other colors just click on the photo above.

Get your Stylish Women’s Shorts for $41.32

buy Grey And Black Striped Leggings

Grey And Black Striped Leggings

Sexy legs leggings

Have a difficult time choosing between leggings or stockings?

Why not do both with these leggings you get a bit of both worlds. The legging is mainly a grey cotton (also available in black) but on the front parts of the legs look like a striped stockings and that gives you the combination of both.

It sure looks different but it also looks great. It can work with lots of cloths.

Click on the picture above to see more examples of these leggings.

Get your Grey And Black Striped Leggings for $19.25

buy Red Plaid Dress

Red Plaid Dress

Red Tartan pattern dress

A classic looking fun dress for everyday.

This red tartan pattern plaid dress will look great for many occasion like work and social. The dress has black long sleeves attached to it and would look great with some black tights.

And the plaid dress even has a plaid belt complete the look.

This red dress is made from cotton and comes in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

Get your Red Plaid Dress for $12.85

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