buy Sexy Piñata Costume

Sexy Piñata Costume

women's Sexy Piñata Costume

You already know that you are sweet as candy and now you can become a sexy pinata.

This Halloween costume makes you all ready to party.

The costume all starts with the dress witch is a tank top style and it looks just like a pinata with small pieces that looks like paper. And then there are shoe covers that make you legs look like piñata to.

And then there is a fun hairband that makes it looks like little horns with strings.

All that makes for a great costume that you may want to dress up with some long gloves but it’s great as it is.

Get your Sexy Piñata Costume for $38.99

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Happy Halloween T-Shirt

women's happy halloween t-shirt
Do you have an Halloween t-shirt yet?

This white t-shirt has colored edges on the sleeves and neck and you can select the color from a nice range of colours.

And on the shirt you find eyes, nose, whiskers and a mouth shape.
The eyes looks kinda scary and the mouth is not really a mouth but just some text that says “Happy Halloween”.

A shirt like this only see light of days one day a year so make Halloween special to show of the t-shirt.

Get your Happy Halloween T-Shirt for $24.95

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Skeleton Leggings

Looking for a pair of leggings that will make people stare?

These black leggings can do that and only because it has bones printed on it.
It looks like you are just bones walking around.

You can get these skeleton leggings in sizes small, medium and large.

And I think these will be fun for Halloween or maybe just every day.

Get your Skeleton Leggings for $15.99 and Free Shipping.

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