buy Double Layered Pleated Skirt

Double Layered Pleated Skirt

grey Double Layered Pleated Skirt

Looking for a skirt for the slightly cooler days that looks professional and would be great for work or other formal functions.

How about this skirt that comes in black or grey in a wide range of sizes.

It’s a pleated skirt that looks like it has two layers making it more playful but still formal.

This pleated skirt will come just above the knee and would look great with some tights and a cute shirt.

Get your Double Layered Pleated Skirt for $12.79

buy Black Leggings With White Polka Dots

Black Leggings With White Polka Dots

Black leggings with white dots

Black leggings go with almost anything and they become even better if they have polka dots.

These leggings have all that, white dots against a black background.

These leggings are stretchy to make they fit nice and snug around your legs.

Just imagine the possibilities for these leggings. Skirts, dresses and even shorts all will look great with these black leggings.

Click on the picture above to see some options you have with these leggings.

Get your Black Leggings With White Polka Dots for $12.95 and Free Shipping.

buy US Flag Midriff T-Shirt

US Flag Midriff T-Shirt

Women's t-shirt with the American flag on it

Midriff t-shirt are fun as they still show part of your body while looking fun. If you have a belly button ring or killer abs then you should try a midriff t-shirt like this.

And this shirt looks like the US flag the stars and stripes complete with the red and white stripes on the front and back and the blue patch with white stars again on front and back.

This t-shirt has a dirty look like a flag would have if it was hanging in the wind for a long time.

Get your US Flag Midriff T-Shirt for $17.89 and Free Shipping.

buy Stylish Women’s Shorts

Stylish Women’s Shorts

red women's shorts

Summer can be hot and when the weather is hot then shorts are the ideal pair of pants to wear.

These shorts are above the knee but still look stylish and can be worn in many settings.

You can get these women’s shorts in 3 colors ivory, black and the show burgundy.

These summer shorts come in sizes Small and Medium. To see sample of the other colors just click on the photo above.

Get your Stylish Women’s Shorts for $41.32

buy Grey And Black Striped Leggings

Grey And Black Striped Leggings

Sexy legs leggings

Have a difficult time choosing between leggings or stockings?

Why not do both with these leggings you get a bit of both worlds. The legging is mainly a grey cotton (also available in black) but on the front parts of the legs look like a striped stockings and that gives you the combination of both.

It sure looks different but it also looks great. It can work with lots of cloths.

Click on the picture above to see more examples of these leggings.

Get your Grey And Black Striped Leggings for $19.25

buy Red Plaid Dress

Red Plaid Dress

Red Tartan pattern dress

A classic looking fun dress for everyday.

This red tartan pattern plaid dress will look great for many occasion like work and social. The dress has black long sleeves attached to it and would look great with some black tights.

And the plaid dress even has a plaid belt complete the look.

This red dress is made from cotton and comes in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

Get your Red Plaid Dress for $12.85

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buy Striped Bodycon Dress

Striped Bodycon Dress

Striped Bodycon Dress

Looking for the perfect party dress?

How about this striped bodycon style dress?

It short and form fitting witch is great for a night around town.

This dress comes in 3 versions, a black, blue or pink stripe is available to make sure you get the right dress for the night out.

Get your Striped Bodycon Dress for $6.38

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buy Black Swan T-Shirt

Black Swan T-Shirt

Ballet dancer black swan t-shirt

This t-shirt shows a ballet dancer all in black and a head that at first looks like a flower but if you look closer you see it is a black swan and then there is all kind of swan feathers flying through the air while the dancer dances.

This ballet t-shirt comes in a range of colors to make it fit perfectly by your closet needs.

Made from 100% cotton this black swan t-shirt will stay in shape for along time.

And you can get his t-shirt in sizes Small – XL.

Get your Black Swan T-Shirt for $24.00

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buy Black Paw Print Dress

Black Paw Print Dress

This black dress is sleeveless and is covered in white paw prints. Don’t know what animal they are from but it sure looks fun.

And on the back of this dress, there is a cutout of the same paw only bigger opening the dress up and making it even more special.

You can get his paw print dress in sizes Small and Medium but check the size info for the perfect fit.

Get your Black Paw Print Dress for $66.00

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