buy Women’s Zumba Flex II Dance Shoes

Women’s Zumba Flex II Dance Shoes

If you like to do Zumba or another dance class but are not happy with the shoes you wear then you should check out these sneaker style dance shoes.

The Zumba Flex II comes in 3 colors from bright to a more dull color and all come in many sizes and are made for an active dance workout.

The special sole is made for grip in while you do your moves

And the shoes are synthetic and have lots of mesh.

Get your Women’s Zumba Flex II Dance Shoes for $54.95 and Free Shipping.

buy Women’s Boyleg Racerback Swimsuit

Women’s Boyleg Racerback Swimsuit

If you want a one-piece swimsuit that is a bit different and fun then this swimsuit can be the one you really want.

The women’s bathing suit has build in boy shorts what gives it a fun look and the racer back finish makes it look great on the beach.

You can get this swimsuit in plain black or with red side panels so that you can choose for plain or color.

And this boyleg swimsuit is available in many women’s sizes so that small or XL sized people can all enjoy one.

Get your Women’s Boyleg Racerback Swimsuit for $25.55

buy Women’s Speedo Water Shoes Hydro Comfort 4.0

Women’s Speedo Water Shoes Hydro Comfort 4.0

If you want shoes for land and water then you should check out these Speedo water shoes.

The women’s shoes look like normal sneakers but these are made to get wet.

Paddle boarding, canoeing or maybe a run at the beach, Speedo has you covered with these Speedy Hydro Comfort 4.0 water shoes.

The shoes are available in two colors, the blue and black from the picture and black and pink and they come in sizes 6 – 9.

And because water shoes are different than regular shoes you will see special thinks on these shoes like an easy to adjust lacing system and a way to get rid of water out of the shoes when you are on land.

Get your Women’s Speedo Water Shoes Hydro Comfort 4.0 for $17.00

buy Women’s Mermaid Bikini Set

Women’s Mermaid Bikini Set

If you want to feel like a mermaid when going to the beach then you just need this mermaid bikini set.

The bikini includes a purple bikini top that kinda looks like shells and the high waist bikini bottoms have mermaid scales just like on the mermaid tail.

The green and purple make this women’s swimsuit look fun and if you want to make your swimming look even better than being a mermaid will help.

You can get this mermaid bikini in women’s sizes Small – 2XL.

Now you can be a mermaid just like you always wanted and it will be just perfect for your next visit to the pool or beach.

Get your Women’s Mermaid Bikini Set for $15.99

buy Women’s New Balance Zante V2 Running Shoe

Women’s New Balance Zante V2 Running Shoe

When it is time for a run then put on your running shoes and go.

And now there are New Balance shoes that not only are great for running they also look amazing.

These are New Balance Zante V2 shoes made for women that want to do some miles.

We show you the neon yellow version of the shoe but the running shoes also come in more plain colors so it is up to you what statement you want your shoes to make.

You can get these New Balance shoes in women’s sizes 5 – 12 and they do come in half sizes and in different widths as well.

Get your Women’s New Balance Zante V2 Running Shoe for $59.99

buy Women’s Sailor Costume Swimsuit

Women’s Sailor Costume Swimsuit

If you are looking for a real fun swimsuit that makes you feel like you belong at sea then this women’s sailor costume bathing suit is just what you need.

The one piece swimsuit is blue and white and looks a bit like the outfit of Sailor Moon. The front shows fake buttons and red bows and on the back you will find an anchor printed on it.

With a fun design on your swimsuit beach and pool parties will be even more fun so why go plain when you can go in sailor style.

You can get this women’s swimsuit in sizes Small – XL.

Get your Women’s Sailor Costume Swimsuit for $17.50

buy Hight Waist Geometric Shape Bikini Set

Hight Waist Geometric Shape Bikini Set

If you would like a fun looking swimsuit that has a high waistline then this women’s bikini set is what you need.

The women’s bikini is white and covered in many geometrical shapes in black all over the white fabric.

The bikini bottoms are high waist and have some small cutouts on the side to show off some skin.

You can get this high waist bikini set in women’s sizes Small – 2XL and it is a nice set that will look great on you when you visit the pool or beach.

Get your Hight Waist Geometric Shape Bikini Set for $15.99

buy Striped Tankini Bikini Set

Striped Tankini Bikini Set

If you like a bikini but are not fond of showing the world you belly then this tankini set is what you need.

The tankini is just like a normal bikini with bottoms and a top and they are striped but there is more as on the front and back there is also some extra fabric giving it a kind of a more open tank top look and this extra fabric is just one color.

We show you the black and white one but it is available in more colors too.

So get ready for the beach or pool more confident.

You can get this tankini set in women’s sizes 0 – 22 so that you get one that fits like it should.

Get your Striped Tankini Bikini Set for $19.99

buy Fair Isle Christmas Swimsuit

Fair Isle Christmas Swimsuit

Sure you can wear a Christmas sweater for the holidays but if you like to be at the pool this Christmas swimsuit is way more practical.

The women’s swimsuit is black and on the black fabric, you find a fair isle design with many Christmas trees, reindeer, and Christmas flowers.

And you can get this one piece bathing suit in women’s sizes XSmall – 3XL.

Get your Fair Isle Christmas Swimsuit for $17.99 and Free Shipping.

buy Bombersheller Metal Like Workout Leggings

Bombersheller Metal Like Workout Leggings

If you want a pair of leggings that are just amazing to look at and are really great for a workout then these leggings by Bombersheller is what you need.

The leggings have a unique print that I think look like sheet metal with cool lines on it which makes it maybe like a bit techy but cool no matter what you think.

You can get these leggings in women’s sizes XSmall – XL and they are made from 20% spandex and 80% polyester and are great at wicking moisture while working out and the high waist make them perfect for squats as well.

Get your Bombersheller Metal Like Workout Leggings for $89.00