buy Block Heel Vegan Sandals

Block Heel Vegan Sandals

Now there are some fun black heel vegan sandals that are just made for walking and looking great on your feet.

These sandals are made by J. Adams and come in 5 different colors so that you can get the perfect color for the outfit you are going to wear. And you can get these sandals in women’s sizes 5.5 – 11.

The sandals have a strap just above the toes and one around the leg and you just put the shoes on with the zipper on the back that is kinda hidden because of a fun hassle that hangs on the back.

Click on the picture to see all the colors you can choose from and they even have white so come see them.

Get your Block Heel Vegan Sandals for $23.00

buy Wrap Style Look Skirt

Wrap Style Look Skirt

If you are looking for a fun skirt then you should check out this wrap style look skirt.

You can get this skirt in a black, pink, and yellow print that look like plaid and looks like it is a wrapped skirt but it is actually just using a zipper. And this high waisted skirt has rough edges to give it that more roughed look while besides that it look pretty classy.

You can get this fun skirt in women’s sizes Small – XL and it kind of a uniform skirt but then a bit more fun.

Get your Wrap Style Look Skirt for $10.38

buy Bow Tie Necklace

Bow Tie Necklace

If you like a fun piece of jewelry for around your neck then you should check out this bowtie necklace.

The necklace has a metal 18 inch long chain and in the middle of that you can find a fabric bow tie and you can pick a fun color and print for the bow tie.

As you can pick from many colors you can have the necklace that fits perfect for the outfit of your choice.

The bow is 3 inches wide making it bigger then most pendant necklaces but it really looks fun and the bow tie will stand out a bit adding some fun color.

Get your Bow Tie Necklace for $7.99

buy Buckle Adjust Crop Top Tank

Buckle Adjust Crop Top Tank

If you would like a fun crop top for summer then you should check out this buckle adjust crop top tank.

This women’s tank top is available in green, black, white, and khaki and it is available in many women’s sizes.

The crop top has a nice solid color and will show you belly button and it has really nice straps that have chrome colored buckles and rivets to make it adjustable and just looks fun and different.

A fun tank top and crop top like this can quickly become your favorite summer top so maybe you should go for more colors.

Get your Buckle Adjust Crop Top Tank for $12.99

buy Women’s Speedo Hydro Amp Swimsuit

Women’s Speedo Hydro Amp Swimsuit

If you love swimming and need an amazing swimsuit then you have to check out this Speedo hydro amp swimsuit.

The one piece women bathing suit is available in many sizes for the perfect fit for you. As you can see this swimsuit has an amazing print and it is available in many colors but I do like this one as it almost looks like chrome.

As it is a Speedo swimsuit you know you can really go for a swim in it and it will look great on a visit to the beach too.

I know that if you want something special then you have to check this out.

Get your Women’s Speedo Hydro Amp Swimsuit for $23.56

buy White Shorts With Squares

White Shorts With Squares

If you want some classy shorts then check out these white shorts with squares.

The white women’s shorts are just perfect for summer and they are classy and that makes them perfect for a more formal summer party.

On the white fabric you will find black lines that make perfect nice squares and that is nice especially if your like lines.

The white shorts have pockets and comes in women’s sizes Small – Large for that perfect fit you like for your summer trips.

Get your White Shorts With Squares for $8.99

buy American Flag Cutout Tank Top

American Flag Cutout Tank Top

If you want the American flag on your back then you want to check out this women’s American flag cutout tank top.

The women’s top is perfect for the 4th of July and it looks like just a normal tank top in the front but on the back you find the US stars and stripes flag.

But this time it is not just printed on the fabric it is actually cutout of the fabric and that makes it look amazing on your skin as that is now part of the stars and the stripes on the top.

And you can get this tank top in many colors and in sizes Small – 2XL and it is made from 60% cotton and 40% spandex.

Get your American Flag Cutout Tank Top for $10.99

buy Women’s Red Or Black Platform Sneakers

Women’s Red Or Black Platform Sneakers

Now you can have some cool red or black platform sneakers.

The women’s shoes are not made for a run but more like to look great and comfy on your feet.

You can get these sneakers in black or in red and white (like the picture) and both versions have a fun zipper and you can look inside the sole to see the air chamber to make them look more sporty.

And these are platform sneakers and that will make you look a little bit taller.

You can get these women’s sneakers in sizes 5.5 – 9.5 so that you can get the perfect size.

Get your Women’s Red Or Black Platform Sneakers for $19.99

buy US Flag Knee High Socks

US Flag Knee High Socks

If you like some patriotic socks then you should check out these US flag knee high socks.

The women’s flag socks are knee high with the part from the toes to the knees begin white and red striped and the knee part being blue with white stars on it.

So now you can wear the US Stars and Stripes on your socks and you can wear these fun socks under your jeans or in summer under some fun shorts.

The US flag socks are made from 60% cotton, 20% polyester, and 15% spandex.

Get your US Flag Knee High Socks for $7.99

buy Scallop Cut Flared Dress

Scallop Cut Flared Dress

If you are looking for a fun dress that comes in many colors then you should check out this scallop cut flared dress.

The women’s dress is available in black, yellow, navy blue, royal blue, Burgundy and hot pink.

The a-line style dress is just perfect for summer as it is sleeveless and then around the arms you can see that it has a scallop cut which look really fun on both the front and back. The dress has a high cut with little spaghetti straps and all that makes this dress look really nice.

And you can get this swing dress in women’s sizes Small – XL.

Get your Scallop Cut Flared Dress for $16.99