buy Women’s Black Criss-Cross Mesh Bikini

Women’s Black Criss-Cross Mesh Bikini

Now there is a women’s bikini set that makes people think wow and if that is what you want then this is what you need.

This bikini is black with mesh details and the top has a criss-cross fold over look and the bikini bottoms have a cool shape on the front that makes it all just look stunning.

The women’s bikini set is made from nylon and spandex and is available in women’s sizes Small – XL.

Get your Women’s Black Criss-Cross Mesh Bikini for $49.99

buy Bohemian Look Tunic Dress

Bohemian Look Tunic Dress

This women’s dress looks fun and could quickly become one of those pieces you put on after a long day at work or the whole weekend.

The print looks bohemian and it is a tunic dress so loose and comfy.

And the dress is available in many different colors from light to dark and it is available in many sizes from Small – 2X Plus.

Get your Bohemian Look Tunic Dress for $36.99 and Free Shipping.

buy Women’s Zumba Flex II Dance Shoes

Women’s Zumba Flex II Dance Shoes

If you like to do Zumba or another dance class but are not happy with the shoes you wear then you should check out these sneaker style dance shoes.

The Zumba Flex II comes in 3 colors from bright to a more dull color and all come in many sizes and are made for an active dance workout.

The special sole is made for grip in while you do your moves

And the shoes are synthetic and have lots of mesh.

Get your Women’s Zumba Flex II Dance Shoes for $54.95 and Free Shipping.

buy Women’s Boyleg Racerback Swimsuit

Women’s Boyleg Racerback Swimsuit

If you want a one-piece swimsuit that is a bit different and fun then this swimsuit can be the one you really want.

The women’s bathing suit has build in boy shorts what gives it a fun look and the racer back finish makes it look great on the beach.

You can get this swimsuit in plain black or with red side panels so that you can choose for plain or color.

And this boyleg swimsuit is available in many women’s sizes so that small or XL sized people can all enjoy one.

Get your Women’s Boyleg Racerback Swimsuit for $25.55

buy Green Metallic Headband

Green Metallic Headband

This green metallic headband is just the perfect hair accessory for any day of the year but especially St Patrick’s Day.

The adjustable headband is a nice dark green and because it is metallic it will reflect the light around you making it look stunning in your hair.

And yes this maybe a women’s headband but it is great for men too if they dare to wear green in their hair on St Patrick’s Day.

Get your Green Metallic Headband for $15.95

buy Women’s Pastel Tie Dye Shorts

Women’s Pastel Tie Dye Shorts

Shorts are great for summer and these pastel tie dye shorts are even better just because of the fun light colors.

The women’s shorts are light blue, purple, and white and have 4 buttons and a zipper and 4 pockets.

The high waist shorts may be short but that makes them just perfect for the hot days of summer.

And you can get these cute shorts in women’s sizes 0 – 19 and they are made from 98% cotton and 2% spandex.

Just find the perfect top and you are all set to bring some color to the world.

Get your Women’s Pastel Tie Dye Shorts for $22.42

buy Green Hobo Style Handbag

Green Hobo Style Handbag

If you want a green handbag then you found it and this bag would be amazing for St Patrick’s Day.

The hobo style bag is green and not just flat fabric, this bag has fringes and 3D sequins so it will sparkle and stand out which makes it perfect for when you like to party or need something green to hold your phone and wallet.

A handbag like this may not be perfect for a formal occasion but that makes it even more perfect for when you like to go party.

Get your Green Hobo Style Handbag for $6.99

buy Women’s Speedo Water Shoes Hydro Comfort 4.0

Women’s Speedo Water Shoes Hydro Comfort 4.0

If you want shoes for land and water then you should check out these Speedo water shoes.

The women’s shoes look like normal sneakers but these are made to get wet.

Paddle boarding, canoeing or maybe a run at the beach, Speedo has you covered with these Speedy Hydro Comfort 4.0 water shoes.

The shoes are available in two colors, the blue and black from the picture and black and pink and they come in sizes 6 – 9.

And because water shoes are different than regular shoes you will see special thinks on these shoes like an easy to adjust lacing system and a way to get rid of water out of the shoes when you are on land.

Get your Women’s Speedo Water Shoes Hydro Comfort 4.0 for $17.00

buy Beehive Knee Socks

Beehive Knee Socks

If you want some fun knee high socks and you like yellow then you should check out these bee socks.

The socks are yellow with orange shapes on it making them look like they are part of a beehive and yes on top of all that you will find a couple bees.

Socks like this are just a fun piece of legwear that you can wear any day and if you wear them under long pants then you will know they are there to keep your warm but people won’t see them and that is why they are great with a skirt or shorts too.

Get your Beehive Knee Socks for $12.00

buy St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Field T-Shirt Dress

St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Field T-Shirt Dress

If you want to be ready for St Patrick’s Day then getting this dress could be just what you need.

This t-shirt style dress is as comfortable as a t-shirt only a bit longer.

The dress is black and the whole front is covered in shamrock and those green leaves bring the Irish to your clothing.

A clover field like this on a black dress really looks amazing so it is just perfect to be your St Patrick’s Day outfit.

You can get this shamrock dress in women’s sizes XSmall – 2XL so that it fits the way you want.

Get your St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Field T-Shirt Dress for $55.00